Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Malala Day!

The Biggest victims of  war and global terror are the children. Their soft, impressionable minds which absorb and grasp the horrors of everyday realities of this world are in fact the pure forms of life that we are responsible to preserve for the future of the world, for our tomorrow.

I hang my head in shame, when I think of Malala Yousafzai' s Life. I am ashamed not only because Malala has to struggle for education in this global society which I am part of. I am ashamed because of my own half hearted attempts at my own studies in school and college. I am ashamed that even though I had better facilities and none of the danger that Malala faced everyday, I did not give my best. She as a child, stands tall representing all children through her words and her voice showing us that we should care for all our children, showing us that we should echo their voice, their hunger and thirst for knowledge. She is an inspiration that will for long be lovingly felt by millions of children, who perhaps will then take their own education more seriously.

Today, November 10th is Malala day, and I thank you today Malala for awakening me to do more, to work harder and to do more for my society. May this day, Malala day serve as a reminder to all students Indian and Abroad that we can do better. We are not having to take a bullet in the head, because we try to study.

Happy Malala Day!

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