Monday, August 06, 2007

Tears untouched at CRY.!

A Simple Child,
That lightly draws it`s breath
And feels it`s life in every limb.
What should it know of death.?

These were the words that I first read, when I opened the book "A Poem for Cry". William Wordsworth`s marvellous poem "We Are Seven" contributed by Kiran Bedi to this wonderful anthology of poems begins with these very lines, perhaps instantly conveying the innocence of a child, and how ignorant it is of the inherent harsh realities of life, which they later go on to realize.

As we all know children are vulnerable and they can easily fall prey to a society`s cruel whims and fancies. CRY as an organization has been doing a lot, for children who were not embraced by society as should be, and apart from CRY there are lots of NGO`s as well, which takes a lot of steps to avoid and prevent child abuse, provide child relief and so on, thereby taking care of these children so that tomorrow`s society is just to all.

But as I read these lines, my heart went out to not these children alone, but also to those much younger children, children who are still not grown, children who are still foetuses , and are yet as much a living being as we all are. How cruelly they are being killed, how sadly their time in this world is brought to a sudden standstill, the facts make us truly sick. The number of incidents of female foeticide, in different places all across the country truly makes anyone, who stands representing our nation put his head down in shame.
Do these things still happen, in a country like India, which is on the verge of progressive development.? Do these things happen , in what can be perhaps called the golden age of India, as we prepare to lobby for a permanent seat in the UN council, as we rejoice at the economic success and celebrate the rising value of the Indian rupee.?
The answer is a terrifying YES.! Read this and the whole list here. Foetuses are being dug out from the ground across the span of the country. No matter whether they were aborted, or killed, the truth is, it is a great standing example of receding moral values. This is no more a practice of just the ignorant villagers, but happens even in what is touted as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore.! I too was ignorant earlier. I thought it happened only in villages.! Technologically or Economically we might advance, but as far as moral values, and the innocent, spiritual practice of living, is concerned, it might do good to go back a good thousand odd years. Perhaps this is applicable to all nations as well.
The solution perhaps does not lie in just spreading awareness.!
Read on the whole issue here.( A complete showcase of this disturbing social trend.)
... BTW, the book is an excellent collection of wonderful poems, something most apt for your bookshelf, from which your future generations have a lot to learn. I first read about it on Uma`s blog