Monday, December 19, 2005

Clarity in philosophy, religion and utlimately God.

It has been a long time since i`ve really been able to update my blog, and I`m very much determined to do it today.
This post especially has been remaining a draft, for quite some time now.

Today, while just glancing through the newspaper, I came across an article about how the number of atheists in the city of hyderabad has increased ten-fold in around two years. I must say, this also sparked the interest in me to publish this post today itself.

Religion, Belief in God, etc, are all fundamentally speaking a manifestation, of how much we`ve discovered ourselves. Ultimate religion and belief in god arises, when one has the power to be philosophical and analyze the mythology, the customs, the rituals, to finally define himself/herself, our existence in the huge world and ultimately realize what the concept of God means, or why it is necessary.
The 'Gita', is the encapsulation of all the philosophy embedded in the Hindu way of life and provides competent ideas, which help a lot in our quest for the truth.
" Do thy duty selflessly, do not
have expectations"
This is one philosophy of the Gita, which is most well-known and has also been in several forms argued against and even triggered lots of debates. During my days in my college, there used to be a professor, who used to argue, that doing duties without expectations, is meaningless and that every work is done well, only if we expect something out of it.
But, I do not believe, that duties are only done, because we expect something, or in other words, we do not do our duties expecting something in return or it could also be a virtue to be selfless and perhaps in today`s materialistic world, it may not have it`s due importance. But haven`t we seen parents struggling to give their children a good life. Haven`t we seen mothers wincing in pain to give birth to a child, struggling to teach the child to lead a proper life. Haven`t we seen people rushing out to help each other in times of natural calamities. What could they have expected in return..??
Money.? Fame and Recognition ?? Tax Benefits..??? No!, it just doesn`t make sense to neglect this virtue, because on it resides the entire goodness of humanity
"Whatever has happened, has happened for the good.
Whatever is happening, is happening for the good. Whatever will happen, will
also happen for the good."
This ideology can be looked upon as something which is cruelly optimistic, but believe me, in the long run, most often people realize that these words are true and add a lot of meaning to life. Today, when we speak of something which we feel bad about, it influences your life, your character, your outlook about life and tomorrow when we look back, we feel those moments have actually been valuable to us, because, we have learnt something, or experienced something, which shall help you to steer clear of any complexities in the future and that is good.. A bit confusing, but that`s what philosophy is all about. The greater the confusion, the greater is the urge to clear our minds and learn more. There are lots of stories to illustrate, this philosophy, but for the time being, i`m too lazy to post, and this is also good because, that way you venture out to seek the truth yourselves..
Atheists say they do not believe in god, and all the time, believe in some strong philosophy, have faith in some conventionally non-religious ideals, be it communism or Marxism. What they do not realize is that faith, philosophy and virtuous ideals are the real manifestation of god`s presence in humanity.
The Gita, is like a diamond. It sparkles, in different colours for different people. But if you do not see any light, it is not because, the Gita is lackluster or false. It is because we are blind or haven`t taken the trouble to open our eyes.
Here, the Gita, is just indicative of religion and spirituality and philosophy. These facts are all applicable, be it the Bible or the Holy Quran.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Making sense out of my Mind.

My previous post was perhaps a bit too poetic and a little philosophical as well. As I browse, through the history of thoughts, which were cached, in my mind, I really, understood, that the only reason, I could have written in such a fashion, would have been my dissatisfaction with life and the excitement it offers.
At times, I understand, that it is more about our attitude and outlook at life.
Am I thinking too much about life..?
Am I getting worried and cooked up unnecessarily..?
No!, says my friend, He tells me that it is normal at this age to think a lot about life and contemplate our existence, when it becomes too event-less.
When, in our childhood, we had nothing on our mind, other than Homework, sweets, games, cartoons, parents and friends, Life was so much easier. But, at this age of 23, when life hasn`t yet started fully, I sometimes tend to get bored up with life. Is this normal as well.. I wonder..??!!!
Once, while, I was studying, in my XII standard in school, I wrote in my Moral Science Paper...
" .. I don`t like adolescence, Childhood Memories still haunt me....", to which my benevolent teacher replied on the answer paper ".. This is a difficult phase. I`m sure you will get over it.."
7 years have passed, but Alas!, I haven`t progressed much I guess.
I am prone to mood swings and in the time span of 2 days, which I have spent writing this, I feel better now. I have realized that there are worser problems, human beings like me could face. I do not want to equate pleasure with pain. Rather, I understand that these things are temporary and are never here to stay.
For, that poor visitor, who just chanced upon my blog, I would like to tell you this, It is just a young man, trying to make sense out of the turbulence in his mind, and I am not a lunatic.

I hate being a sadist, but the truth, is that there are worser issues in this strange world, and I feel like a sissy, crying over the most silliest things, which are just a matter of the mind, when nothing is being done about the truth all around, which is much more grave!!!.
At times, it is more courageous to face the bare truth, than to turn back and look at the fairer side, pretending not to know, that darker things happen in this world. At the same time however, it makes a lot of sense to just keep looking at the fairer side, so that eventually, the darker elements of life, start getting eager to reach out and be happy themselves.
Sorrow is also beautiful. In sorrow and suffering, we admire life and wonder about life in a more earnest manner. Without the suffering, without the pain, we would not have realized the beauty of a child`s innocent smile, we would not have realized the value of comfort.
If not for the sweltering sun, we would never yearn for the shade of a tree
If not for the pouring rain and cold, we would never yearn for the warmth of a blanket.
Yet, Life has not yet really been a good teacher of love. Or should I say, the world has not been a really good place to learn the value of love and passion for affection. Nothing can be learnt without putting in some hard work, and as for love, life and virtue and the small timespan of one lifetime, we shall need to work like dogs to find true knowledge.
Let us live, let us learn and maybe then I won`t feel so depressed.
Meanwhile, there`s always, this blog, where I can make some sense of my mind.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

What I would have liked to do...

At times, life is different. We search for something, we yearn something, but what we are and what we get in the end, is not what we ever imagined or thought we would get. I have recently been reading "Eleven Minutes" by Paulo Coelho, in which there was an interesting observation about life. It says Life is a roller coaster, we get on to it, because we are excited by it, we desire the excitement and feeling of adventure, but once we get on to it, we are afraid and pray that the ride may stop, Our sense of adventure just vanishes into thin air.

Life is not adventurous, until we desire it to be so, and if it is to remain so, we need to be determined to live life, the way it comes, without succumbing to the inner calls of the heart to take a step backward. Life is made up of decisions and these decisions are the turning points of our life.
And yet, to make a decision, especially in the event of the risks and losses being close to the heart is a herculean task of the mind. We are... what we want to be. But to decide or take a step backward and take a step in a different direction, is what we do most often so as to not upset what we feel is a safe life, till that particular moment.
'The Road Not Taken' is a famous poem by Robert Frost, in which he talks about how he chose, the road less travelled, a rather very philosophical viewpoint of life in it`s whole.
I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-
-I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
Life shall be different for those who dare and yet, the truth is, it is not often possible to dare, it is often not practical, in our simple lives to take the road less travelled.
But, again hope is never lost and there is always a little more time, before we dissolve into the elements, a little time, before the mind loses control over the body and we can always make the best to branch out in some way to the destination.
As Lord Alfred Tennyson reveals in his poem Ulysses.
As though to breath were life. Life piled on life
Were all too little, and of one to me
Little remains: but every hour is saved
It is in knowledge, that our lives become adventurous. It is in the sharing of this knowledge, that we gain importance and as long as you are willing to learn and unlearn and learn again, life`s roller coaster ride is no more far, no more scary.
What I missed, I do not know;
What I need, I do not see;
What I lose, I am in fear
What I gained, I have not lost
Where I will go and why...
Life is a long even road.
But before I reach town,
I can jump and roll and rant
and feel the sky;
Before I reach my town,
Let me look back at life.
Let me take a detour;
Let me have fun.
For, reach I will...
Let me do what I would;
Have liked to do...

Friday, December 09, 2005

My Hero...

Everyone right from their childhood has a hero, and just like all children, I too had many heroes, from whom I used to draw inspiration, strength and power. There were always some people who used to give me dreams, in which I used to vanquish the evil forces of the dark world of miseries and rescue the universe from extinction.

Superman, Spiderman, He-Man, you name it, and I`ve been a fan. As years pass, and interests change, I too have seen a lot of changes in my taste and liking.

But there is this one Hero, who I shall always like, whom I shall always adore.. whose movies I never like to miss.
Yes!, I was talking about the legendary Bruce Lee. Thanks to his famous movies, today the world is not ignorant of him.

But yet there are not many who know, that Bruce Lee was not just an actor, who knew kung-fu and acted in movies and that he was also a great exponent of Wing-Chun which he learnt in Hong Kong. It is to be noted that however he was born in San Francisco.

He was more than just a fighter and it is not known to many that he had majored in Philosophy and was a properly learned man.He has authored many books on Kung-Fu and other martial arts and was also a great teacher.
This man, truly had power in him and had real mental strength in him.

If you visit the site, there is an 18 page Documentation on Jeet Kun Do ( a philosophical martial art form) which is written by BruceLee himself. In the first few pages of this passage, he details a small incident of how a learned man had once visited a Zen master. As the Zen master spoke, the learned man frequently kept interrupting him, saying "Ah. Yes, I`ve heard of that". Finally the Zen master started filling the learned man`s cup with tea. He continued to do so, even after the cup had been filled to the brim and had started overflowing. On seeing this the learned man immediately remarked, that the cup was overflowing, to which the Zen master replies, " If you don`t empty your cup first, then how will you taste, my cup of tea.?". Here Bruce Lee has stressed, upon how important, it is that you have to unlearn things, which you have learnt before and start fresh each time. He has stressed upon the open-mindedness needed in the learning of Martial Arts.

This post of mine, would be truly incomplete, if I were not to talk about how good a fighter Bruce Lee really was. Just because of the fact that, unlike the movie stars of today, Bruce Lee could actually fight with any one who would try to rough him up and then win.

Here, I include an excerpt from another site, I visited.
"...The question remains in many people's mind: What made Bruce Lee so famous? There are several Martial Arts movies; why is Bruce the one remembered for Chinese Gung-Fu. Bruce would work himself very, very hard, until he perfected what he was working on. He was a perfectionist. Another aspect of his success is his ability to really kick some ass. Bruce remains undefeated throughout his life, except for a lost fight when he was 13 years old (this prompted Bruce to begin taking Martial Arts lessons). People jealous of Bruce, or people just thinking they could beat him, would frequently approach Bruce, tap their foot on the ground (this symbolizes a challenge), and they would begin to fight. Once during the filming of Enter the Dragon, an extra aproached Bruce, tapped his foot on the ground, and they began to fight. The extra had some real skill, but instead of trying to beat Bruce, he was really trying to hurt him. When Bruce realized this, he began to unleash his lightning quick speed and powerful moves; he smashed the guy right agains the wall. Bruce later said that he had never kicked a guy so hard before. He really beat the guy up. But unusually, after the fight was over, Bruce told the extra to get back to his spot and act. He never fired him....."

It is of course, very sad and unfortunate, that such a great guy should have so many rumours surrounding his death. But of course, death is not something which bruce lee really feared. He was a brave fighter. He was a true man who stood for the truth and was frank in his style and understanding of Martial Arts.

He was My Hero and he is my Hero and shall be my Hero...

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Nature Calls, leave me alone...

BEHOLD her, single in the field,
Yon solitary Highland Lass!
Reaping and singing by herself;
Stop here, or gently pass!
Alone she cuts and binds the grain,
And sings a melancholy strain;
O listen! for the Vale profound
Is overflowing with the sound.
One of the most treasured moments, in our lives, is when we can derive pleasure in solitude, those moments when we can break out into a song, whistle out into the wind, dance a jig, with no one to look at you. Moments when you are not conscious of the world. Those moments, when we can talk to ourselves, when we can dream of life and look at the sky and talk to imaginary fairies or elves.
It`s not that I prefer solitude over the company of loved ones and friends... rather I think it is better to be alone, than in bad company, better to be alone atleast once in a while, when only you and the world exist.
In the above lines, we see how Wordsworth is enchanted by the freedom, the spirit exuded by the solitary reaper, when she sings out to the world, when the valley is filled with her single voice. A moment so divine for both of them. There is no better companion for anyone in such moments, than nature. Sitting alone in a room is not the kind of solitude, we want. In fact, we can stand in the midst of thousands of people and yet be engulfed in the bliss of solitude.
A few months before, I read an article in a weekly about how in metros, many working people have health related issues, mainly due to their loneliness. Yes, it is true! When you are totally lonely, we will soon lose interest in life, lose meaning in life. After all none of us are the first specimen of humans on earth. And that is where solitude differs from total loneliness.
If the solitary reaper, did not have a home to go to.. if she did not have a loving child or if she did not have a beloved person, her songs, in all it`s solitude, would not be enchanting. Man is a social animal and needs company and in a way depends on all other humans residing in this world.
But.. those moments which return to haunt me, those moments, when in sheer solitude, I had found infinite joy, those moments when I had sat in my cubicle alone and drawn my feelings through words upon this canvas of a blog, they shall always be treasured.
Nature gives me company and I talk to the trees, to the sky, to the ground, I whistle and break out into a song, I sit down to write a poem.
Nature Calls, leave me alone...

Monday, December 05, 2005

What do we learn...?

Well!, what does this image on the left show..?
Does it show a beautiful woman..?? Do you see one..? Well I see in it an India, I see in this image a market-driven India, I see in it a customer-oriented India. Our nation is booming, in the service sector..
and this beautiful lady represents this optimistic growth of a nation to provide service, assurance and value to thousands of worried customers.
But what more do we see in this lady..?? We see a different life.. We see a nocturnal cycle.. We see her going home in a cab as dawn nears, after her work.
Demands have surged up, prices increase daily and people ask for more. So it`s all right if we work more for more money..?? Nowadays, people do not need a solid get a job in a call center. Even students who have just passed their high school can go and get a job. All they need to do is be proficient in speaking good english. To Hell with Education.. !!! When you get 20,000 per month just after your schooling. Then why go for higher studies.
But my intentions are not to malign the BPO sector, in any way, but to ask for more competitive evaluation and corporate practices in the BPO sector. To maintain a minimum qualification and a minimum age limit. My effort is to ask for more value to the job.
I sometimes ask myself, whether I myself am living life to the fullest as a software engineer. I like to write, I like to play with words, with poetry... then why am I working here..?? Isn`t it for money again, to make ends meet and ultimately to be respected. I also have my own duties and so I do this job, apart from whether I like it yet or not. ( This is in consideration of all those bloggers, who are also Software Engineers who unleash their creative energies on their own respective blogs.)

Having so talked about the service sector, it is even more painful to look at the plight of those who are most learned. Today students of science are a confused lot. There are too many options and it is not an easy world out there for them.

Unlike the earlier days, it is not all that glorious to be a professor. Today students have to take pains, to put in enormous amount of hardwork, if they are to make it big in the world of science. They have to be prepared to study until they are atleast thirty, before they make a life for themselves, and most of them retire to a lesser thought-of life.

Science lost it`s sparkle, Tomorrow it could be something which is booming today, but hope tells me that some day, everything would stabilize and become good, but again my mind questions me behind my back.

How long..? How many ..? Only time will tell....