Monday, September 14, 2015

Outrage in the City

Across the street, I saw a man stand; hard
On his face a frown, In his hands a bright red placard
I passed by him and watched him shout
Alone; he was, until there came a lady stout

Both were angry, eyes red and voices hoarse
His job was lost. From her house driven out by force
"Down with the Mayor!", they cursed aloud
"Potholes in the City, Find a way out!"

To two wastrels on the street, he gave placards
They stood in front, equally angry and now his guards
Right from infancy, there is no infection, till old age
That spreads as easily as pure red outrage

For soon gathered a crowd, initially curious
Looking at the motley group, fast turning furious
It reminded them of their lives` failures and strife
Money lost in gamble, A drunkard husband or a nagging wife

They joined the crowd and soon angry they became
"To the Mayor's office", some shouted and they were all game
With sticks and stones, and red angry faces
Marched the mob, for raising hell, for those in high rises

When denied entrance, they found their chance
Eager and excited, they raised hell, like true Che fans
Came the police to control, Alas! the mayor was now stained with grease
Fighting tears, water and bullets, they brought the city to it's knees

Many were taken to jail, some limped home
Roads were blocked, buildings on fire, nowhere to roam
Great was the loss, for fixing; which, more the mayor stole
If only that lone angry hard man, had just fixed a damn pothole!

Alone in the city burning red and bright
I can't fathom, right or wrong, to turn left or right
I oft wonder, what purpose does it serve, this murderous rage!
Outrage in the city, in the mind. Outrage! Outrage!

Pic : The Garden Triptych, Right Wing, Terra Nostra, 1467-68. The burning city
Courtesy : Rolfgross DreamHosters