Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Do we get spotted thus..?

"And today I'll tell you how to spot a Blogger at a place:

a person with absolutely no common etiquette, no inter-personnel skills, no interest in interacting with commoners (read Non-Bloggers!) and, of course, one who seems to be finding difficulty in keeping himself/herself on our mother earth due to his/her supremely inflated EGO...Common characteristics of a Blogger!"
I found this comment on IBNLive where a reader has responded to an article on the most irritating words spawned by the so-called Web Boom!

... And to top it all, "Blogosphere" comes the top second most irritating word.

I`m not going to tell the name of the reader, because we bloggers have a lot of etiquette, and I reproduce this here in my amusement, seriously wondering why they envy us so much. Why they consider us Alien.?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Looking beyond a milestone

The sweltering heat of the sun is punishing in it`s might and the yearning in our minds for a drop of rain is very much what keeps us going, keeps us fighting to live, to see the splendid lightning, to listen to the magnificent drum roll of thunder signalling the arrival of the monsoons. Our hearts get light and celebrate nature`s bountiful gift with aplomb. As peacocks dance and flowers bloom, as the trees wave and the plants giggle in their greenish state of glee, we become one with nature, we complete a cycle of revival, a cycle of suffering and happiness, a celebration of life and nature.

It is this very nature that revives us when we seem to sleep, ignorant of all that we need to know. It is this nature that incites our curiosity, sprinkles upon us the innocence of a child, showering us with love and yet at the same time, creating in us the urge to discover all, to seek the truth, to seek the mystery of the universe and our very existence.

Human beings rule the earth and the skies today. This power comes to us because we are inherently born with a gift, a blessing, we have the capability to be humane. Humanity does not come from being a human, but from being humane, so it is with this love and blessing that we should keep striving to complete more cycles in communion with nature, learn more, seek more and reach where we need to reach.

It was this desire to be humane, to be of service and thus seek the truth which made a little girl born somewhere in Albania, travel far to India, to Calcutta, and serve the dying, to serve the diseased and the poor. She became Mother Theresa for the world. The freshness with which we all recieve nature`s announcement of impending rain, was not hugely different from the warmth with which she recieved the poor, sick and dying. Because she saw in them nature again, she saw in them, the plants, flowers, birds and all the other beautiful things that make up the world.

Yesterday, I saw a group of blind people walking on the streets. All of them were blind and held each other`s hands and shoulders and walked as a group. They were singing as they walked slowly along the crowded road. They sang in one voice, in one spirit, with such feeling, that they were quite a sight to watch. Even in their blindness they could see their friends, they could see the world through their collective voice and combined strength.

We are even more blessed than they, and we might not even require to hold a friend`s hand, but we can surely lend a hand, and perhaps be part of a collective voice, combine our strengths, seek truth, be humane and love nature.

I didn`t know what to write, but there was this urge to let go, to stop and reflect in this journey as i reach my hundredth post(milestone). To stop and think about how I will seek my strengths, my truth.!, so forgive me for the sermonizing tone, (if any) it happened unconsciously.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tears of Mother Earth.

It`s World Environment Day.! What`s the big deal.? So many such days come and go by. We don`t really either celebrate them or observe them as required, then why now.?

. Because this day could now be the best possible reminder for us about what we need to do to save our home, which we haven`t stopped to clean and nurture as we should be doing.

. Today I came across this page about some places in India, which have been grossly affected by our lack of appropriate discipline or sense of responsibility. This day must serve to remind us that this list must not get better, must not get worser.

. One of the most difficult and citical problems is the huge amounts of waste we produce, and our visibly evident inability to process them. At Calicut, I remember how I heard and later saw a famous plot of ground. Famous, it was because the land could no longer be inhabited. All the waste, from homes, industries, hospitals were dumped upon this piece of poor earth. The effect was simply devastating to say the least. The whole ground, and the sky above turned black, spreading a very foul odour and sickening to the stomach. How would poor Mother Earth alone bear this.?

. She`s dying, and in return for all she`s given us, like how we would look after our own mother if she was not doing well, we must look after mother earth too. In many ways this day is more important than Mother`s Day, because this is Mother Earth`s Day, a day to remind us that we must nurse the mother of all mothers back to health.