Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Do we get spotted thus..?

"And today I'll tell you how to spot a Blogger at a place:

a person with absolutely no common etiquette, no inter-personnel skills, no interest in interacting with commoners (read Non-Bloggers!) and, of course, one who seems to be finding difficulty in keeping himself/herself on our mother earth due to his/her supremely inflated EGO...Common characteristics of a Blogger!"
I found this comment on IBNLive where a reader has responded to an article on the most irritating words spawned by the so-called Web Boom!

... And to top it all, "Blogosphere" comes the top second most irritating word.

I`m not going to tell the name of the reader, because we bloggers have a lot of etiquette, and I reproduce this here in my amusement, seriously wondering why they envy us so much. Why they consider us Alien.?


alex said...

Strange and weird.

vishesh said...

well well! i dont know :) maybe i shld stop talkig abt blogging...:)

Deepak said...

Believe me...Crackpots like them come up too often everywhere. Never pay heed to them.

chitra said...

Not surprising.

If you recollect, the remarks/comments that came when computer started,and then the remarks when chatting became common. it is from those people who are unable to understand and make full use of it.

And on the other side, these spaces are misused which actually leads to apprehension. take it in the right spirit and do what you are good at. Writing innovative posts.

chitra said...


Read Zen and the Art of motorcycling.

Hip Grandma said...

Seems rather unfair.I've known so many sensitive souls including you and you guys certainly don't deserve this.Such eccentricities are best ignored.Your poem on the homeless was simply beautiful.Why did I take it for granted that you don't write frequently since you are busy.Read all your recent posts and I am glad to have done so.You do deserve to be called a thinking blogger as I have mentioned in my latest post.

Balaji said...


Srijith Unni said...

@Alex: Seriously..!

@Vishesh: hee hee..! :) yeah perhaps we all should..!

@Deepak: Not paying heed, Deepak, just amused.!

@Chitra: Well said Chitra, ignorance is at the root of it.! Will sure keep an eye out for that book. Thanks! :)

@Hip Grandma:I`m not taking it too seriously.! But was just amused.! BTW HHGmom, i must admit, i`ve been a very lazy blogger lately.. Thanks a lot for your words of support and encouragement.!

@Balaji: :-D