Friday, February 02, 2007

My Sparrow Friend

Where are you, my little feathered friend?
My hands, full of your favourite grain
Fly down here, before my time will end
Fly to my balcony, before it does rain.

Twig by twig, where did you take away?
Is your cozy nest all ready and done?
On the guava tree, alight, perch and sway
Accept your share and we gladly run

So different, are the lives we lead
And yet the same, in more ways than one
With a smiling tweet, little stomachs you feed
In the small puddles, you bathe in the sun

In a rush, you suddenly come, flying down
And beckon with your hungry little beak
Amidst your meal, at my face you peep
And happily say, “Chirrup! Chirrup, Cheep! Cheep! ”


chitra said...

That reminds me!! I havent seen a sparrow since long.

Sunil Parmar said...

Lovely~Love knows no boundaries.:)

Has to be me said...

thats a nice chirpy poem! :)

Srijith Unni said...

@Chitra: That tells me that you live in a concrete jungle..! :) Head to the outskirts at times.. :)

@Sunil: Yes, love is beautiful in all forms isn`t it..?

@H2BEME: Thank you..! :)

priya said...

Thaz so sweet Unni. Beuatiful and I felt like go look for the sparrow right now.

lalitha said...

That is so sweet.I love sparrows too.

iamvisheshur said...

nature and its creatures are beautiful...its just that we dont have time to look at it..instead we go about destroying it....
to observe the way animals act is nice..
the cat crouching or the dog sizing you up or even a spider or the lizards ways..
lovely poem...

Hip Grandma said...

Nice poem.BTW you have been tagged Write 10 things that define your style.You haven't been to my blog and i could not access yours till today

Marutham said...

Kya baat hey!! :D

Am late...Sorry!!
Lovely srijith!!!
And it top it all- the pic...Ooooo!!!
A very cute poem!!

PS: Hope u can hear my latest track atleast from ur office.. :) or after going bak home!
I need to talk to ur manager :P- what do they expect u to do- when u really need a small break...& hop around few blog buddies page?!!
Does he even know abt blog?? :P

passerby55 said...

Chirrup! Chirrup, Cheep! Cheep!..that was cute.

They sound much sweeter on quiet sunday afternoons, when i am at my table and everyone around are enjoying a nap.

is that picture painted?

Seema said...

Nice verse..bit by bit...its so much like each one of us!
Amidst all the chaos around us...its so natural to turn to the undisputed beauty in nature!

alex said...

The sparrow and humans converge at various points.

The sparrow is always happy-at least mostly happy.

The sparrow does what it has to- gather food, feed young ones, chirp merrily.

But, it is seldom few who try to communicate to the sparrow, like you. :)

Beautiful lines.

I think that the art portrays the various philosophies prevailing in that time period. Be it a painting, a book etc. We can learn so much about ancient times from such modes of expression. We can learn so much about ourselves, how we do things like this now and what caused certain changes in our life style etc.


Such simplicity throws out such great taste....Wonderful poem here...I used to love watching the sparrows too n would try n find out where their nests were n did find many..Some were in our restroom at home! :)

In US I sed to watch the ducks as there was a pond outside my house...It was so cute to just watch them shake n walk around!

Keshi said...

its a nice past-time to watch lil creatures of this world. Beautiful verse!


Marthyan said...


Well written, A connection well worded

Sreejith Kumar said...

Very impressive again buddy! :-) Glad you are able to blog despite the office shackles! :-))

Srijith Unni said...

@Priya: Nature itself is so sweet, but we do not stop to notice often.. :)

@Lalitha: Thank YOu :-)

@Vishesh: Exactly, everything in nature is so wondrous.. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts, Vishesh..!

@Hip Grandma: So finally I get tagged again.. Shall do it soon, hip grandma..

@Marutham: Yeah, marutham in fact he does know about my blog..:) Atleast he sympathizes with me on that aspect.. Thanks for your kind words :)

@Passerby55: Yes, I think it is painted. Nice one isn`t it..? Yes they sound real cute..!

@Seema: Yes Nature heals like none other. How True..!

@Alex: Well Said Alex! It is truly art that stands as testimony to the philosophy of a time period.. and that is why since cinema is the dominant art form right now, it pains to see misrepresentation of society and general philosophy.

@Scribblez: Jus watching them makes us feel simple and down to earth. they truly inspire. Ducks are so much fun to watch.

@Keshi: Yes, a really wonderful pastime i.e. Thanks for dropping by..

@Marthyan: Thanks a lot, Marthyan.. It did take long to make a connection.. :)

@Sreejith: Thanks my friend..! Yes I do get a little time to drop in at times..

shruti said...

lovely poem..

Marutham said...

:) Just a visit...
TATA! :)

Btw, belated V'day wishes... :)

Keshi said...

yeah and I wish I had ur foto when I did that slideshow. tnxx Srijith!


starry nights said...

That was beautiful.sometimes I watch the sparrows building their nests and feeding their young.

Srijith Unni said...

@Shruti: :) Thank YOu Shruti.. Do come back.!

@Marutham: A very happy valentines day to you too..! :)

@Keshi: NO problem keshi..! :)

@Starry: Thanks Starry..! Arent`s Sparrows cute..?

Shankari said...


No sparrows at all in Bengaluru!

Reading this makes me so homesick! :(

But thanks...