Friday, March 07, 2008

The Parting

The truth was always there, in sight
In future, in my sleep, every night
The time would come, when we walk
Paths different, lonely, new and dark.

Illusions are sweet, easier to act like old
Life will move on, pain in our hearts, we hold
Things no more same, but we never tell
With vigour they lived, let our histories tell

The time will come, when I am not there
Beside you, behind you, in sight nowhere
In my mind and lonely heart, you shall be
And dear friend, in your heart, I yearn to be

Let life take us on a confusing ride
Every day , a new way, lots to decide
Yet, hope I shall, that our paths meet
Every passing day, eyes eager to greet.

In your path, I wish flowers bloom,
Birds sing and let the sun light up every gloom.
Cliched as it might seem, forget me not
For every shared moment, our life, then begot.