Monday, December 19, 2005

Clarity in philosophy, religion and utlimately God.

It has been a long time since i`ve really been able to update my blog, and I`m very much determined to do it today.
This post especially has been remaining a draft, for quite some time now.

Today, while just glancing through the newspaper, I came across an article about how the number of atheists in the city of hyderabad has increased ten-fold in around two years. I must say, this also sparked the interest in me to publish this post today itself.

Religion, Belief in God, etc, are all fundamentally speaking a manifestation, of how much we`ve discovered ourselves. Ultimate religion and belief in god arises, when one has the power to be philosophical and analyze the mythology, the customs, the rituals, to finally define himself/herself, our existence in the huge world and ultimately realize what the concept of God means, or why it is necessary.
The 'Gita', is the encapsulation of all the philosophy embedded in the Hindu way of life and provides competent ideas, which help a lot in our quest for the truth.
" Do thy duty selflessly, do not
have expectations"
This is one philosophy of the Gita, which is most well-known and has also been in several forms argued against and even triggered lots of debates. During my days in my college, there used to be a professor, who used to argue, that doing duties without expectations, is meaningless and that every work is done well, only if we expect something out of it.
But, I do not believe, that duties are only done, because we expect something, or in other words, we do not do our duties expecting something in return or it could also be a virtue to be selfless and perhaps in today`s materialistic world, it may not have it`s due importance. But haven`t we seen parents struggling to give their children a good life. Haven`t we seen mothers wincing in pain to give birth to a child, struggling to teach the child to lead a proper life. Haven`t we seen people rushing out to help each other in times of natural calamities. What could they have expected in return..??
Money.? Fame and Recognition ?? Tax Benefits..??? No!, it just doesn`t make sense to neglect this virtue, because on it resides the entire goodness of humanity
"Whatever has happened, has happened for the good.
Whatever is happening, is happening for the good. Whatever will happen, will
also happen for the good."
This ideology can be looked upon as something which is cruelly optimistic, but believe me, in the long run, most often people realize that these words are true and add a lot of meaning to life. Today, when we speak of something which we feel bad about, it influences your life, your character, your outlook about life and tomorrow when we look back, we feel those moments have actually been valuable to us, because, we have learnt something, or experienced something, which shall help you to steer clear of any complexities in the future and that is good.. A bit confusing, but that`s what philosophy is all about. The greater the confusion, the greater is the urge to clear our minds and learn more. There are lots of stories to illustrate, this philosophy, but for the time being, i`m too lazy to post, and this is also good because, that way you venture out to seek the truth yourselves..
Atheists say they do not believe in god, and all the time, believe in some strong philosophy, have faith in some conventionally non-religious ideals, be it communism or Marxism. What they do not realize is that faith, philosophy and virtuous ideals are the real manifestation of god`s presence in humanity.
The Gita, is like a diamond. It sparkles, in different colours for different people. But if you do not see any light, it is not because, the Gita is lackluster or false. It is because we are blind or haven`t taken the trouble to open our eyes.
Here, the Gita, is just indicative of religion and spirituality and philosophy. These facts are all applicable, be it the Bible or the Holy Quran.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Making sense out of my Mind.

My previous post was perhaps a bit too poetic and a little philosophical as well. As I browse, through the history of thoughts, which were cached, in my mind, I really, understood, that the only reason, I could have written in such a fashion, would have been my dissatisfaction with life and the excitement it offers.
At times, I understand, that it is more about our attitude and outlook at life.
Am I thinking too much about life..?
Am I getting worried and cooked up unnecessarily..?
No!, says my friend, He tells me that it is normal at this age to think a lot about life and contemplate our existence, when it becomes too event-less.
When, in our childhood, we had nothing on our mind, other than Homework, sweets, games, cartoons, parents and friends, Life was so much easier. But, at this age of 23, when life hasn`t yet started fully, I sometimes tend to get bored up with life. Is this normal as well.. I wonder..??!!!
Once, while, I was studying, in my XII standard in school, I wrote in my Moral Science Paper...
" .. I don`t like adolescence, Childhood Memories still haunt me....", to which my benevolent teacher replied on the answer paper ".. This is a difficult phase. I`m sure you will get over it.."
7 years have passed, but Alas!, I haven`t progressed much I guess.
I am prone to mood swings and in the time span of 2 days, which I have spent writing this, I feel better now. I have realized that there are worser problems, human beings like me could face. I do not want to equate pleasure with pain. Rather, I understand that these things are temporary and are never here to stay.
For, that poor visitor, who just chanced upon my blog, I would like to tell you this, It is just a young man, trying to make sense out of the turbulence in his mind, and I am not a lunatic.

I hate being a sadist, but the truth, is that there are worser issues in this strange world, and I feel like a sissy, crying over the most silliest things, which are just a matter of the mind, when nothing is being done about the truth all around, which is much more grave!!!.
At times, it is more courageous to face the bare truth, than to turn back and look at the fairer side, pretending not to know, that darker things happen in this world. At the same time however, it makes a lot of sense to just keep looking at the fairer side, so that eventually, the darker elements of life, start getting eager to reach out and be happy themselves.
Sorrow is also beautiful. In sorrow and suffering, we admire life and wonder about life in a more earnest manner. Without the suffering, without the pain, we would not have realized the beauty of a child`s innocent smile, we would not have realized the value of comfort.
If not for the sweltering sun, we would never yearn for the shade of a tree
If not for the pouring rain and cold, we would never yearn for the warmth of a blanket.
Yet, Life has not yet really been a good teacher of love. Or should I say, the world has not been a really good place to learn the value of love and passion for affection. Nothing can be learnt without putting in some hard work, and as for love, life and virtue and the small timespan of one lifetime, we shall need to work like dogs to find true knowledge.
Let us live, let us learn and maybe then I won`t feel so depressed.
Meanwhile, there`s always, this blog, where I can make some sense of my mind.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

What I would have liked to do...

At times, life is different. We search for something, we yearn something, but what we are and what we get in the end, is not what we ever imagined or thought we would get. I have recently been reading "Eleven Minutes" by Paulo Coelho, in which there was an interesting observation about life. It says Life is a roller coaster, we get on to it, because we are excited by it, we desire the excitement and feeling of adventure, but once we get on to it, we are afraid and pray that the ride may stop, Our sense of adventure just vanishes into thin air.

Life is not adventurous, until we desire it to be so, and if it is to remain so, we need to be determined to live life, the way it comes, without succumbing to the inner calls of the heart to take a step backward. Life is made up of decisions and these decisions are the turning points of our life.
And yet, to make a decision, especially in the event of the risks and losses being close to the heart is a herculean task of the mind. We are... what we want to be. But to decide or take a step backward and take a step in a different direction, is what we do most often so as to not upset what we feel is a safe life, till that particular moment.
'The Road Not Taken' is a famous poem by Robert Frost, in which he talks about how he chose, the road less travelled, a rather very philosophical viewpoint of life in it`s whole.
I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-
-I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
Life shall be different for those who dare and yet, the truth is, it is not often possible to dare, it is often not practical, in our simple lives to take the road less travelled.
But, again hope is never lost and there is always a little more time, before we dissolve into the elements, a little time, before the mind loses control over the body and we can always make the best to branch out in some way to the destination.
As Lord Alfred Tennyson reveals in his poem Ulysses.
As though to breath were life. Life piled on life
Were all too little, and of one to me
Little remains: but every hour is saved
It is in knowledge, that our lives become adventurous. It is in the sharing of this knowledge, that we gain importance and as long as you are willing to learn and unlearn and learn again, life`s roller coaster ride is no more far, no more scary.
What I missed, I do not know;
What I need, I do not see;
What I lose, I am in fear
What I gained, I have not lost
Where I will go and why...
Life is a long even road.
But before I reach town,
I can jump and roll and rant
and feel the sky;
Before I reach my town,
Let me look back at life.
Let me take a detour;
Let me have fun.
For, reach I will...
Let me do what I would;
Have liked to do...

Friday, December 09, 2005

My Hero...

Everyone right from their childhood has a hero, and just like all children, I too had many heroes, from whom I used to draw inspiration, strength and power. There were always some people who used to give me dreams, in which I used to vanquish the evil forces of the dark world of miseries and rescue the universe from extinction.

Superman, Spiderman, He-Man, you name it, and I`ve been a fan. As years pass, and interests change, I too have seen a lot of changes in my taste and liking.

But there is this one Hero, who I shall always like, whom I shall always adore.. whose movies I never like to miss.
Yes!, I was talking about the legendary Bruce Lee. Thanks to his famous movies, today the world is not ignorant of him.

But yet there are not many who know, that Bruce Lee was not just an actor, who knew kung-fu and acted in movies and that he was also a great exponent of Wing-Chun which he learnt in Hong Kong. It is to be noted that however he was born in San Francisco.

He was more than just a fighter and it is not known to many that he had majored in Philosophy and was a properly learned man.He has authored many books on Kung-Fu and other martial arts and was also a great teacher.
This man, truly had power in him and had real mental strength in him.

If you visit the site, there is an 18 page Documentation on Jeet Kun Do ( a philosophical martial art form) which is written by BruceLee himself. In the first few pages of this passage, he details a small incident of how a learned man had once visited a Zen master. As the Zen master spoke, the learned man frequently kept interrupting him, saying "Ah. Yes, I`ve heard of that". Finally the Zen master started filling the learned man`s cup with tea. He continued to do so, even after the cup had been filled to the brim and had started overflowing. On seeing this the learned man immediately remarked, that the cup was overflowing, to which the Zen master replies, " If you don`t empty your cup first, then how will you taste, my cup of tea.?". Here Bruce Lee has stressed, upon how important, it is that you have to unlearn things, which you have learnt before and start fresh each time. He has stressed upon the open-mindedness needed in the learning of Martial Arts.

This post of mine, would be truly incomplete, if I were not to talk about how good a fighter Bruce Lee really was. Just because of the fact that, unlike the movie stars of today, Bruce Lee could actually fight with any one who would try to rough him up and then win.

Here, I include an excerpt from another site, I visited.
"...The question remains in many people's mind: What made Bruce Lee so famous? There are several Martial Arts movies; why is Bruce the one remembered for Chinese Gung-Fu. Bruce would work himself very, very hard, until he perfected what he was working on. He was a perfectionist. Another aspect of his success is his ability to really kick some ass. Bruce remains undefeated throughout his life, except for a lost fight when he was 13 years old (this prompted Bruce to begin taking Martial Arts lessons). People jealous of Bruce, or people just thinking they could beat him, would frequently approach Bruce, tap their foot on the ground (this symbolizes a challenge), and they would begin to fight. Once during the filming of Enter the Dragon, an extra aproached Bruce, tapped his foot on the ground, and they began to fight. The extra had some real skill, but instead of trying to beat Bruce, he was really trying to hurt him. When Bruce realized this, he began to unleash his lightning quick speed and powerful moves; he smashed the guy right agains the wall. Bruce later said that he had never kicked a guy so hard before. He really beat the guy up. But unusually, after the fight was over, Bruce told the extra to get back to his spot and act. He never fired him....."

It is of course, very sad and unfortunate, that such a great guy should have so many rumours surrounding his death. But of course, death is not something which bruce lee really feared. He was a brave fighter. He was a true man who stood for the truth and was frank in his style and understanding of Martial Arts.

He was My Hero and he is my Hero and shall be my Hero...

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Nature Calls, leave me alone...

BEHOLD her, single in the field,
Yon solitary Highland Lass!
Reaping and singing by herself;
Stop here, or gently pass!
Alone she cuts and binds the grain,
And sings a melancholy strain;
O listen! for the Vale profound
Is overflowing with the sound.
One of the most treasured moments, in our lives, is when we can derive pleasure in solitude, those moments when we can break out into a song, whistle out into the wind, dance a jig, with no one to look at you. Moments when you are not conscious of the world. Those moments, when we can talk to ourselves, when we can dream of life and look at the sky and talk to imaginary fairies or elves.
It`s not that I prefer solitude over the company of loved ones and friends... rather I think it is better to be alone, than in bad company, better to be alone atleast once in a while, when only you and the world exist.
In the above lines, we see how Wordsworth is enchanted by the freedom, the spirit exuded by the solitary reaper, when she sings out to the world, when the valley is filled with her single voice. A moment so divine for both of them. There is no better companion for anyone in such moments, than nature. Sitting alone in a room is not the kind of solitude, we want. In fact, we can stand in the midst of thousands of people and yet be engulfed in the bliss of solitude.
A few months before, I read an article in a weekly about how in metros, many working people have health related issues, mainly due to their loneliness. Yes, it is true! When you are totally lonely, we will soon lose interest in life, lose meaning in life. After all none of us are the first specimen of humans on earth. And that is where solitude differs from total loneliness.
If the solitary reaper, did not have a home to go to.. if she did not have a loving child or if she did not have a beloved person, her songs, in all it`s solitude, would not be enchanting. Man is a social animal and needs company and in a way depends on all other humans residing in this world.
But.. those moments which return to haunt me, those moments, when in sheer solitude, I had found infinite joy, those moments when I had sat in my cubicle alone and drawn my feelings through words upon this canvas of a blog, they shall always be treasured.
Nature gives me company and I talk to the trees, to the sky, to the ground, I whistle and break out into a song, I sit down to write a poem.
Nature Calls, leave me alone...

Monday, December 05, 2005

What do we learn...?

Well!, what does this image on the left show..?
Does it show a beautiful woman..?? Do you see one..? Well I see in it an India, I see in this image a market-driven India, I see in it a customer-oriented India. Our nation is booming, in the service sector..
and this beautiful lady represents this optimistic growth of a nation to provide service, assurance and value to thousands of worried customers.
But what more do we see in this lady..?? We see a different life.. We see a nocturnal cycle.. We see her going home in a cab as dawn nears, after her work.
Demands have surged up, prices increase daily and people ask for more. So it`s all right if we work more for more money..?? Nowadays, people do not need a solid get a job in a call center. Even students who have just passed their high school can go and get a job. All they need to do is be proficient in speaking good english. To Hell with Education.. !!! When you get 20,000 per month just after your schooling. Then why go for higher studies.
But my intentions are not to malign the BPO sector, in any way, but to ask for more competitive evaluation and corporate practices in the BPO sector. To maintain a minimum qualification and a minimum age limit. My effort is to ask for more value to the job.
I sometimes ask myself, whether I myself am living life to the fullest as a software engineer. I like to write, I like to play with words, with poetry... then why am I working here..?? Isn`t it for money again, to make ends meet and ultimately to be respected. I also have my own duties and so I do this job, apart from whether I like it yet or not. ( This is in consideration of all those bloggers, who are also Software Engineers who unleash their creative energies on their own respective blogs.)

Having so talked about the service sector, it is even more painful to look at the plight of those who are most learned. Today students of science are a confused lot. There are too many options and it is not an easy world out there for them.

Unlike the earlier days, it is not all that glorious to be a professor. Today students have to take pains, to put in enormous amount of hardwork, if they are to make it big in the world of science. They have to be prepared to study until they are atleast thirty, before they make a life for themselves, and most of them retire to a lesser thought-of life.

Science lost it`s sparkle, Tomorrow it could be something which is booming today, but hope tells me that some day, everything would stabilize and become good, but again my mind questions me behind my back.

How long..? How many ..? Only time will tell....

Monday, November 28, 2005

Nature, you reveal...

This weekend, I had gone to Chennai, just to attend a friend`s wedding reception. The journey from Hyderabad to Chennai, by Charminar Express is usually a long winding ride and I therefore had quite some time to read an Agatha Christie Book as well as catch up on the brilliant scenery outside.
The morning, after which I had boarded the train, the earlier night, I got up all drowsy and irritated on having been woken up by the loud fat woman on the lower berth.
I went to the toilet, washed my face and then quickly remembered that I did not have a towel with me. In such situations, I normally go and stand near the door and allow the cold wind to dry my face, and believe me, it is often really refreshing.
The outdoors also were really captivating, with the early morning dew and the eager greenery looking towards the sky with great anticipation to beget more sunshine. The mountainous backdrop to all this greenery and the early morning sun, as drowsy as myself slowly peeping at the country side.
I stood there, captivated, expecting the sun to rise and lend more colour to the already picturesque sight. But Nature is quick to deceive humanity. Dark Clouds started to form and they slowly covered the horizon, where the sun had earlier been trying to rise. As the train curved over an embankment, it slowly started to drizzle. A most dramatic transformation, I would say.

Slowly but steadily, the picture began to change and the slight drizzle was turning into a violent downpour. I was awestruck at the sudden change. It was as if God was reading my mind and as if he decided to give me a quick lesson about life. It was truly as if he was telling me that nothing is permanent and that calmness and turbulence, that light and darkness, Day and night are all aspects of life and that it is in their transformation and turn of events that the wholesomeness of Life itself is defined.

One of my favourite poets is William Wordsworth and the main reason is that I tend to draw inspiration from nature to trigger my thought process, which is so much like how he uses nature to craft those most beautiful poems.

As I turned back and closed the door on the request of my co-passengers, I thought to myself about how, if Wordsworth had travelled to India, if he had travelled on a train, if he had seen the immense richness of nature; how much richer English poetry would have been.

Not that the poets of India, themselves have done a lesser job, but Wordsworth as his name suggests had quite a talent with words, very simple words to express the most complex and unexplored outbursts of emotions.

I myself have often been inspired by the natural beauty explored through the tiny windows in the chugging trains.

Nature, thy best knows to teach, to refresh and nourish my body and mind.

Nature, you reveal...

Monday, November 21, 2005

A Melodrama called Life

Recently I have been wondering whether my blog has primarily been a snapshot of all the good things i have come across in my life. Except a few questions and arguments here and there, I found my observation being correct to a great extent.

Life, is more like Dal Lake( in pic) It is a classical place of beauty and charisma and yet, it is also embedded with the most dark and sinister acts of human nature.

Recently I happened to read an article in 'The Hindu' magazine, which talks about how small children near the Pakistan border of Kashmir are trained to handle weapons, throw grenades and the like. There were many stories of how many of them led a life of slavery, washing utensils used by the terrorists, being used as human shields, in cases of encounters. Oh! Lord how I detest this pitiful existence of mine..!! How powerless I am, What can I do..???
People sometimes remark that there are great changes happening in the society.. and that there are certain problems with the transition, but still, the basic challenges faced are the same as earlier and life too remains the same.

Even today many people die of hunger, many die due to road accidents, due to natural calamities, but of course death itself is natural and I needn`t complain, but why out of hunger, Why is the world not powerful enough so as to satisfy Man.

But again, am I not just whining and what help will it do, if I am just going to vent my anger out here on this blog. What purpose will it serve...?

In the great epic, 'Mahabharatha', Kunti prays to Lord Krishna, that she may always have sorrow, so that she is always reminded of God. Actually there is a great revelation in this. It actually clears the fact that sorrow is part and parcel of life.. But arguments apart, all those NGO`s who do good work, those occasional great human beings who go all the way to do some good for a cause, unlike me who just hasn`t done anything yet, but just blog about it so. If it were not for them, I wouldn`t have had hope.

Let me devote myself to a social cause... That should be my chance for a refreshing dip in Dal Lake. I do not want to purify myself of my own sins, rather let me absorb the sorrow so that I may soothe the tearful millions.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Trekking down a Village called India.

Recently we witnessed the passing away of Mr.K.R.Narayanan, the former president of India, a great parliamentarian, a humble citizen, a true son of the soil, a distinguished leader and a brilliant poet.

Recently I happened to read in "The Week", a tribute to him, by Jacob Mathew, a publisher of the week. It provided an excellent insight into the man. He had as a child written a poem entitled " A Poet`s plea" and sent to "Malayala Manorama". It was published and the editor replied to the young narayanan with a gift of two rupees.
He later reminisces that he hadn`t been more happier, even when he had become President of India. So moving along these lines, my mind moved on.. playing with his initials. I was instantly reminded of two other great intellectuals of our nation.

One of them is R.K.Laxman, the great Indian cartoonist. I searched for his cartoons on the net, but I could only find them on a portal on tripod by a person called Rahul Lakhote. I had earlier read, in Reader`s Digest, an interview with him. It was really good to say the least.
His cartoons have always given both laughter and triggered thought and his simple sketches have been so much in sync with the Common Man`s thoughts, that I must say, his art has by now been taken for granted.

He is in true regard, the official cartoonist of India, i must say. R.K.Laxman however did not overnight become profound in his interesting profession. He started by illustrating for his brother....
His Brother, the third angle to which my mind lingered at last, none other than the great raconteur R.K. Narayanan.
In Jacob Mathew`s article quoted earlier, he remarks that "Malayalis love Nostalgia".. In fact many of us do, We are all nostalgic at times... And I am sure any of us who have read about Malgudi or have seen the mini-series on Television would instantly go nostalgic whenever we listen to the title track of Malgudi Days...
That was the power of the stories, power of the images created in our mind, depth to which they were etched in even the most uninhabited corridors of our memories.
I guess these memories themselves are the greatest forms of appreciation an author can ever get..
During my stints of lazy browsing, I came upon this article. In which it said that Graham Greene once remarked that Narayan`s readers think that there is really a village called Malgudi in India. What he forgets is that, Malgudi is nothing, but a caricature representing all the thousands of beautiful villages in India..
Though these three great sources of my inspiration have been diverse in their professions, they all had one common trait.
All of them loved our nation, they loved our villages, they have all been nostalgic...
At the end of it all, I question myself why do I play with the letter K and R. K.R and R.K. Am I myself reminiscing about my village in KerRala..??
India, is a collection of diverse beautiful and villages, each of them with a great culture and wonderful stories to tell..

Monday, November 14, 2005

Getting past the Cold.

Of all the diseases I`ve so far endured, The Common Cold, is perhaps the most prolific villain. It stresses you upto the point of irritation. Simple as it may seem, it can give you sleepless nights.

I have had a cold last weekend, and I tell you it was really one hell of a weekend. With Cold, you cannot venture out into the cold outdoors of hyderabad.

I have had to spend my time in the weekend with this sickening cold, so I picked up a book of Sherlock Holmes and kept reading it through the weekend.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has really been a great crasftsman in creating these characters so believably, that I was marvelled. Each of the stories actually take you to the scene of the crime and can actually keep you hooked to the book.

I myself have never been a great observer, but let`s see whether I become one after completing the two volumes.

Meanwhile, I guess I myself havent been doing much.
I went and registered my blog in
indibloggers. It seems to be a collection of different blogs by indians all over the world. It`s nice to know that people can actually organize such forums.

I actually even came across another
blog. Looks like there are lots of people who check it out. The blog on TOI( Times of India..Phew!!) was rather enlightening about how people use even calamities to boost their business. But ultimately the truth is that a good businessman sees a business opportunity in every nook and corner.

I had the chance to check out this website called
SimilarMinds. They ask a few questions and tell which Classic Movie I am.. Quite Amusing.. It seems I am a movie called "Sunset Boulevard". Have heard of this one, but I`ve never seen it. So I dont really know whether it is all so true.
Details Below.

People keep inventing such things.. and they should do it.. Otherwise Internet would long ago have become monotonous.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Gift me a dream

I generally seem to like to put pictures on my blog, I dont know whether it is to make things colourful, but having a picture always lends it more sophistication I guess.
Today Morning I had a dream, A dream of the beautiful countryside, where two children walk, and reach a big house. There the boy, who was supposedly elder, took the little girl inside the house and introduced her to another small little girl equally beautiful. They become great friends.. but sadly I did not sleep enough to see more blurred images of them playing together along some blue flowing river or making small paper boats and setting them to sail, or buying colourful ribbons along with the big brother at the country fair.
Man, in his sub conscious state can travel to the most exotic destinations, speak to the most legendary people in history, fall in love with gorgeous ladies who have graced the silver screen, and always return home as well.
Dreams seem to have a strange existence and differing impressions on the memory as well.
Some we remember, some we do not like to remember , some we cherish but forget.
As my brain cells churn at mind`s pace, and toil all day.. I can feel mind yearning for some rest, some time to slow down.
And before I go to sleep, I tell my mind, do take rest, but as dawn nears, please please...
Gift me a dream....

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Reading.. A Habit so challenged, yet Strong.

Reading books is one habit, one pastime, which many people enjoy, and some truly cherish. There is nothing more enlightening and refreshing than reading a good book.
I sometimes feel distressed for not being able to find enough time to read all those thousands of brilliant writings and books out there. I myself aspire to be a writer, and therefore am sure that reading some thousand books, will surely add a lot to my persona.
In fact one lifetime, is truly not enough or exhaustive for reading the amazing wealth of literature out there. I still remember, the happiness, the anticipation, on getting a new 'Tinkle' or a new 'Gokulam' or a new 'Chandamama' to read.
Thereafter as children grow older, we used to be fed with the likes of Enid Blyton, Charles Dickens, R.L.Stevenson and the likes.
Many may even move on to read "Mills & Boon", as they near adolescence. And today, in this age where knowledge of "Harry Potter", is like a minimum requirement for children, I truly yearn for those old days, when as children, due to lack of books, we used to search in the old attics and find even Older "Non-Detail" books and Text Books with wondrous stories, with great aplomb.
Interest in books is triggered at a very young age by the interest in the stories, told by the grandparents and other members of the family. It blooms into a thirst to know more and learn more by ourselves.
Today in the little time, I get, when I read a "John Grisham" or Short Story of Tagore, I still feel the thirst in my heart, in my head to read, read and swallow more.
As Technology progresses, the world saw the growth of television, internet, mobile phones... God alone knows what it will be next.. But Books have remained and shall always remain..
Recently the onslaught of "Harry Potter" has triggered an interest in books again for the tiny tots. I, myself am not a very avid fan of J.K.Rowling and have not had the opportunity or the interest to read an Harry Potter book, somehow...
But, my love for books and stories have not receded.. I hope to read.. I hope to live more so that I can read more...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Anger... If we could stop thee

Anger, is one great evil, which has the power to beget an entire life of contempt, hatred and suffering. It not only spoils the health, but also is very much capable of soiling the state of the mind as well.
It is no wonder then, that how control of one`s temper, is a mighty accomplishment.
We all know, the story of Isaac Newton and his dog "Diamond" when, Diamond had upset a candle over Newton`s years of thesis. Newton, just calmly remarked "Diamond, Thou little knowest what damage thou hast done".. It is a man of great patience, a man of great power over his temper, who has said this. And justifiably, he has been one of the all-time greatest scientisits we`ve ever known.
I myself have been unable to control, my temper, at the most silliest of concerns, but it is also true that I have regretted, these moments of helplessness over my own mind and it`s ripples.
Here, I blog a poem titled "Temper Lost", which I had once written in a moment of such helplessness.

Life turns wayward, as clouds gather,
Lightning spells havoc, as minds whimper
Cries go unheard amidst, Thunder Strong
Shelter!! Shelter!! Run for Shelter!!

Oceans panic and lions retreat,
Wars cease and snakes coil.
Food goes waste as hunger diminished by fright;
Darkness!! Darkness!! , In my search for Light.

With nine lives, a cat hides,
With cracking jaws, alligators slump and lie,
Mystic Terror, runs a ghostly race.
Snails and Sloths keep up the pace.

Until now, a solid ground, a carrying bowl,
Shakes and yearns for revenge of soul.
"Nature is in Turmoil", says the wise Owl
Time to heal, Time to keep On a roll....

Monday, November 07, 2005

Is Marriage, a Visa to Sex.

Marriage is just a ritual. Yes! What has lovemaking got to do with marriage?? This is the argument of most progressive minded individuals. I would say, nothing wrong with it.

It is only when two people love each other a lot, when they wish to become, one both in body and spirit, it is at that instant of that time that they decide to unite for life.
It is this love and willing to live together, that culminates in sex.
So, do we actually need a ritual called marriage to legalise things, for fear of society.??
I know that this is the question that must be lingering on your minds right now.
I would ask, what is the disadvantage in just registering your love for each other, with a goverment body.
It is just a way of showing the world how much you love each other.
There is of course nothing wrong, if you have decided that, you will be spending the rest of your lives together, to have a little pre-marital sex. But if you are indulging in something, which has no long-term standing, no real love, then why take the pain.. Without love, it is not pleasure, but just pain.
You will detest it, once it`s all over. If we were just like animals, then this whole wonderful concept of a 'Family' would never have been evolved. Man, would never have grown into such a wonderful creation.

It is his/her power to think and analyze that has crafted this society.

It is his/her power to reason out that has differentiated between good and bad.

But when generation of humans grow, they keep questioning and counter-analyzing.
When they look upon the society as it exists, they yearn for change.
They yearn to break from the orthodox.

In an instance of progressive thinking, they forget to realize, that they may be starting to repeat the cycle all over again, by returning to pre-historic ways.

Marriage is not just a ritual, or a visa to sex.
It should be treated as a solemn agreement, the official bonding of two individuals in society.
It should be treated as a means to bind different individuals into a fabric called society.
If not for such machinations, all people, would move in haphazard directions.
Today, if there is a concept of 'Universal Brotherhood or Sisterhood', surely marriage has had it`s role to play toward this.

To the many people, who have counter arguments, i have only one thing to say..
" ...If you want to indulge in a physical relationship, without commitment, very well go for it.
but dont ridicule the institution of marriage"..
I repeat dont treat marriage as a visa to sex.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Iqbal.. the movie i saw in the weekend.

This weekend, I saw the movie "Iqbal". Though I love movies, I dont think, i could really do justice in telling the whole story of Iqbal. I haven`t really been happy with all the skin flicks or the other movies, which have been recently been made in Hindi. Neither am I a great cricket enthusiast. In fact I watch only when India and Pakistan play each other, and that too only One-Day matches. I dont really understand test cricket.

Anyway, I guess I`m rather moving away... Talking about the movie, the story is quite a simple story of how a determined mute and dumb youngster(Shreyas Talpade) makes it the Indian Cricket Team, by his sheer practice and with the help of his unconventional coach (Naseerudin Shah), one of the finest actors i have seen.

But as I told you, while watching the movie, there were two moments when my eyes were filled with tears... One of them, was when the boy Iqbal refuses to take a gift from a relative, on seeing which the little sister(portrayed brilliantly by Shweta Prasad.. I just love this little girl.. ) also follows suit. Iqbal, then sits with his sister for sometime. He then motions her to go accept her gift. She hugs him happily.. The little sacrifices, we make and how much we value other`s emotions...!!! I was over awed...

The second scene was when Iqbal gets dismissed from the cricket academy for breaking, a boy`s head, the way the little sister comes home and hugs her mother.
How much we suffer for other`s tribulations and sufferings. How these moments define, that loved ones are not others. They are all part and parcel of us..

With all gratitude to Nagesh Kukunoor, for making this film, I did not feel interested in Cricket, one bit, but this film has lent me a new insight into the world of human emotions and pure love. I guess i must be missing my own sister, but I am leaving tonight to Chennai, my home. So no Complaints.!!!!

Friday, October 28, 2005

The Little Girl..A Small story.

It was basically a very dull morning. The kind of morning, where there is not much of sun, neither much of rain. It was the kind of morning, when you you just cannot wake up early, nor be lazy and sleep a lot and wriggle on a bed. With some great will power, I managed to get up. I had some work, and had planned to get it done on that day.
After the monotonous brushing of the teeth and answering nature`s calls, I was stretching my limbs and trying to keep myself fresh for the day... But man is easily persuaded to procastinate, so I postponed my exercise regime, for a day and lay on my bed.. picked an old Reader`s Digest and was just breezing through, A Picture perfect typical lazy bachelor.
When suddenly I heard a knock on the door, which aroused me out of my dreamy existence. I had already paid my rent, so I was not expecting the landlord, neither was I sure of any friends who had planned to visit me. So with a slight irritation and curiosity, I inched myself towards the door. I then pulled it open....
It was a small girl, in a pretty little pink frock, around four or five years of age. It was not any beggar girl, many of whom painfully roam the streets. She was, if not from a very affluent family, atleast a little girl from a self sufficient family and I also did not recognize her to be any of my neighbour`s children. She looked at me smilingly, while I just stood there and foolishly stared at her, not knowing what to tell to this little early morning visitor.
She then kept both her hands on her head and spoke.." I`m Hungry" . I just then shook myself out of my stupid stance and looked outside to see whether her parents were nearby, or were searching for her. No! There seemed to be no one to take responsibility, nor anyone to help me out in my moment of surprise, but my eyes kept searching and ears kept straining.
"Give me my biscuits.!!! I`m Hungry", the girl thundered. I was immediately at a loss. I sprung to the kitchen. threw around the clothes. looked around my shaving kit.. behind the water can.. in the faint hope of getting something to satisfy her hunger. Finally, from the deepest trenches of my memory, I recollected that I had kept some bread and jam in one of the cupboards by the mirror. I lunged for it, and called out... " I`m coming, little girl"... I made a quick jam sandwich, turned and ran to the door.
She was not to be seen. I again searched out in the porch and outside the gate, all the while confirming that she had gone.. rather mysteriously disappeared. I munched the sandwich, and walked back to my house. I realized that I had, had enough for a day. Getting dressed and ready, I locked my house and walked towards the bus stop.
I heard a woman shouting.. and turned and looked. She was admonishing a little girl, with an ice-cream in her hand. They then walked in to the distance, when the small girl suddenly turned back and looked at me. It was the same girl, who had woken me up. She gave me a gentle smile and turned and hopped along with her mother. I slowly got over, my heart suddenly having missed a beat, and slowly waved my hand, not particularly at anyone, but at a friend, who I felt, would surely meet me again... and then proceeded to my office.
Sitting here, now when I write this, it all feels much like a dream. Perhaps it is...Perhaps not.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Rain.. Pleasure or Pain.!!!

Ever since my childhood, I have admired rain, with lots of pleasant memories, and the pure joy of eating fresh hot bajjis with filter coffee during the heavily raining monsoon in Chennai used to be a wondrous experience.
Rain is always welcomed, with joy, by all the fauna and flora, peacocks dance with joy, in a brilliant show all their colours..
Children jumping over the puddles and putting their craft skills at their best in making those tiny paper boats which are then proudly set to sail in these small oceans..
In the villages, famine hit and strife torn, rain is like a marvellous blessing from Lord Indra, accepted with great content hearts, by the farmers and other souls.. The song.. "Ghanan Ghanan" in Lagaan truly inspired by the great joy of the coming rain.

But Today rain is not really a blessing. In today`s cities, amidst all those huge skyscrapers and man-made dwellings. Rain spells Pain..

The number of houses flooded, the number of lives lost, the number of vehicles submerged, the number of drains left open, under the floods.Today rain is dreaded everywhere, and now while newspapers flash stories, of Bangalore, the Silicon Hub of India being flooded in water, people dissent rain and curse it..

But of course god never created rain, for it to fall on buildings, vehicles etc. When God created rivers, he never envisioned dams.. or if he did know of this kind of a future.. He has just assumed I guess, that Man will finally let better sense prevail over him.

Rain, I still love you a lot.. Little Johnny still wants to play.. though little johnny now works in some software firm which may get flooded today or tomorrow, and little johnny`s work may get hindered, but lets` just hope rain reminds little johnny to play.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Law and Poetry..

Law.. It is such an entangled web for so many of us ignorant people.. and believe me i am as ignorant as any of you.
But the closest, I have got to really feeling Law and it`s impact on Society was after reading John Grisham`s Books..

So I devote this post to two authors who have ruled my mind space a lot..John Grisham( for Law) and who else but Rabindranath Tagore( for poetry).

No!, John Grisham does not actually write legal textbooks, but he churns out brilliantly written stories, which are all based on lawsuits, and most of them were page-turners for me. In fact after reading "The RainMaker", I even actually considered taking up law as a career. Such was the interest he generated.
Apart from Law, another interesting thing about his writing has been that, he also provides a good insight into American culture and thought process of the people across that part of the globe.

But when talking about culture, people, and living.. I would be committing a grave sin, if I were not to talk about Rabindranath Tagore, a great poet and lots of other things, which he added to his profile during his illustrious life.

Tagore, wasn`t just a short story writer. He was primarily a poet, and the passion for poetry, is evident even in his simple short stories of the Land of Bengal and its people.

I myself have passion for poetry and have tried my hand at the same. But Tagore remains the zenith of poetic and lyrical impressions on prose.

His ability to give brilliant insight into ordinary emotions we feel everyday, has always been mindblowing...

There is a lot of difference between these two people, and their writing..

But their common stand here, is because both of them have helped and affected me a lot in the way I see life, the way I see people and the way I look at literature and poetry..

Shall be coming soon, with more on my mind.. Wow! I really feel proud now, when I look at my blog.

Monday, October 24, 2005

From Jungles to Ice...

I am a great fan of Rudyard Kipling.. but something interesting is that.. I have not read any of his books..
I have seen disney`s interpretation of "The Jungle Book" though.. The story in it`s essence itself has a lot for all of us humans to learn..

It`s a very fascinating story of how a child is brought up by a pack of wolves, a bear and a black panther.. That much said.. it is also an endearing story of how.... life is in the jungle.. along with how animals coexist beautifully with nature.. all told in a brilliantly captivating way.

But my intention here was not to just give a review of this story.. I wanted to strike a point here that... man by himself has achieved and over achieved technologically and culturally.. but has never been satisfied with what nature provides.. He/She has never been happy to survive with whatever little solace.. nature provided.. And of course if that had happened, I wouldn`t be sitting and blogging today.. BUT..
With all these technological advancements, man has left nature behind..
To put things in simpler terms..
Though he is still fascinated by it!!, He is no more in love with it..

Here I have for a rather very funny incident which happened while I was touring along the south pole..
There is a rule among penguins that.. no one should ever overtake the leader.. And that seems true..
It goes out to show that even these beautiful creations of God, sometimes have humane reactions..

The part about me touring the South pole, was just my imagination running too far way.. but these things again happen in a blog I guess :-)

Friday, October 21, 2005

Keeping ahead of change...

Where ever you go.. you see people changing.. Nothing is permanent in life..

Not even the mentality of any one person.. not even his/her viewpoint...

Of course there is nothing wrong with that..

But, when we see that some one has lost all his talents, or all his ideologies.. when we see that someone gives no more worth for their past.. we are obviously pained

Look at the ruins in Hampi, for instance. Jackie Chan travels all the way from Hong Kong, in total awe of the great civilization which existed here, and all we even talk about is Mallika Sherawat acting with him. No!. I dont have anything against her personally..

The temple( in pic ) above shows a serene temple as it is in Kerala. Thatz one thing I`ve admired and adored about kerala. The serenity and calm maintained and the importance given to culture. Of course the people have been afflicted to lots of changes, political and social, and on a large scale human values have receeded, yet there are few things, which we need to appreciate.

Today, how many people actually read books, for instance. I myself wouldn`t if I had a television, in my home right now. Not necessarily those huge bragging books for self development... No!! One ultimately needs much of will power and commitment to rise to the top. I am talking about stories, fiction.. or poetry or books on history or culture or of civilizations..

I guess.. that should do for now... Well lets keep something for the next blog.