Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Law and Poetry..

Law.. It is such an entangled web for so many of us ignorant people.. and believe me i am as ignorant as any of you.
But the closest, I have got to really feeling Law and it`s impact on Society was after reading John Grisham`s Books..

So I devote this post to two authors who have ruled my mind space a lot..John Grisham( for Law) and who else but Rabindranath Tagore( for poetry).

No!, John Grisham does not actually write legal textbooks, but he churns out brilliantly written stories, which are all based on lawsuits, and most of them were page-turners for me. In fact after reading "The RainMaker", I even actually considered taking up law as a career. Such was the interest he generated.
Apart from Law, another interesting thing about his writing has been that, he also provides a good insight into American culture and thought process of the people across that part of the globe.

But when talking about culture, people, and living.. I would be committing a grave sin, if I were not to talk about Rabindranath Tagore, a great poet and lots of other things, which he added to his profile during his illustrious life.

Tagore, wasn`t just a short story writer. He was primarily a poet, and the passion for poetry, is evident even in his simple short stories of the Land of Bengal and its people.

I myself have passion for poetry and have tried my hand at the same. But Tagore remains the zenith of poetic and lyrical impressions on prose.

His ability to give brilliant insight into ordinary emotions we feel everyday, has always been mindblowing...

There is a lot of difference between these two people, and their writing..

But their common stand here, is because both of them have helped and affected me a lot in the way I see life, the way I see people and the way I look at literature and poetry..

Shall be coming soon, with more on my mind.. Wow! I really feel proud now, when I look at my blog.


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