Friday, October 21, 2005

Keeping ahead of change...

Where ever you go.. you see people changing.. Nothing is permanent in life..

Not even the mentality of any one person.. not even his/her viewpoint...

Of course there is nothing wrong with that..

But, when we see that some one has lost all his talents, or all his ideologies.. when we see that someone gives no more worth for their past.. we are obviously pained

Look at the ruins in Hampi, for instance. Jackie Chan travels all the way from Hong Kong, in total awe of the great civilization which existed here, and all we even talk about is Mallika Sherawat acting with him. No!. I dont have anything against her personally..

The temple( in pic ) above shows a serene temple as it is in Kerala. Thatz one thing I`ve admired and adored about kerala. The serenity and calm maintained and the importance given to culture. Of course the people have been afflicted to lots of changes, political and social, and on a large scale human values have receeded, yet there are few things, which we need to appreciate.

Today, how many people actually read books, for instance. I myself wouldn`t if I had a television, in my home right now. Not necessarily those huge bragging books for self development... No!! One ultimately needs much of will power and commitment to rise to the top. I am talking about stories, fiction.. or poetry or books on history or culture or of civilizations..

I guess.. that should do for now... Well lets keep something for the next blog.


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Keep up the good work »

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work » » »