Monday, October 24, 2005

From Jungles to Ice...

I am a great fan of Rudyard Kipling.. but something interesting is that.. I have not read any of his books..
I have seen disney`s interpretation of "The Jungle Book" though.. The story in it`s essence itself has a lot for all of us humans to learn..

It`s a very fascinating story of how a child is brought up by a pack of wolves, a bear and a black panther.. That much said.. it is also an endearing story of how.... life is in the jungle.. along with how animals coexist beautifully with nature.. all told in a brilliantly captivating way.

But my intention here was not to just give a review of this story.. I wanted to strike a point here that... man by himself has achieved and over achieved technologically and culturally.. but has never been satisfied with what nature provides.. He/She has never been happy to survive with whatever little solace.. nature provided.. And of course if that had happened, I wouldn`t be sitting and blogging today.. BUT..
With all these technological advancements, man has left nature behind..
To put things in simpler terms..
Though he is still fascinated by it!!, He is no more in love with it..

Here I have for a rather very funny incident which happened while I was touring along the south pole..
There is a rule among penguins that.. no one should ever overtake the leader.. And that seems true..
It goes out to show that even these beautiful creations of God, sometimes have humane reactions..

The part about me touring the South pole, was just my imagination running too far way.. but these things again happen in a blog I guess :-)


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