Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The World Below

Higher and higher, as the birds fly
I see my soul escape, to look below
To look down at the world and sigh
What are we ?. From where do we flow ?

The spirit travels to faraway places
And yet always bound by the silver cord
We are but one more, among countless faces
From far above, there is no meaning in discord.

That colony of ants, I see below working
How ignorant I am of their universe
We are but ants to some other being.
The body awaits the soul to know of other worlds

Higher and higher, I become sombre
I hear not, the voices of laughter
Feel not, the wetness of tears, or heat of anger
All that was real, mere illusions thereafter

Paddy fields, are now small green squares
Giant Brick Houses look like mere matchboxes
Roads are mere lines and other dull affairs
Around I look to see what this world offers.

Those brown beetles deep beneath the ground
Or those translucent fishes in oceanic trenches
 Do they care of me, in another realm of air and sound
This ignorance of each being; who avenges?

Multiple universes collide invisible to each other
How small are we, relatively? What rules do we follow ?
High upon a cliff, and yet foolishly together
I may have seen, but not conquered the world below.