Friday, May 28, 2010


Walk quickly, she cried out aloud
Wide Eyed, I followed behind.
Much have I resisted, never; her charms
carrying me amidst all the crowd.

When skies, sobbed and cried;
and the air thundered, much did I fear.
Fear not, she said, "for fear weakens
Both soul and hope, then died."

Despite all warnings, when I did wrong,
My weak soul tried to run away
Stop!, come face thy wrong, she said.
What bigger wrong, than a life of guilt.!

When I started to earn, like all boys,
I kept going for more, and still more.
How different are your riches, she cried,
From those old abandoned toys.

When all riches grew, cupboards filled,
In fear of thieving souls, my own in fear
Who do you fear, she used to mock
What is yours, that is not theirs.

When my great desires, turned to despair
Like all weak souls, I turned to hate.
Tired of me, she admonished, Lose thy hate;
for the biggest loss, you shall stand to gain.

Beyond a hundred monsoons, my body frail,
Yet she glowed, her soft hands by my side.
"Never leave me", I pleaded, she smiled;
Her gentle hands touched my burning head.

As I rose above and walked the golden path
She stood by me, and then started to fade.
Stop! who are you ?, a goodbye dont bade
Silly Child, "Inside you, I was always made".

Painting - "La Conscience", by Lionel Le Falher