Monday, October 31, 2005

Iqbal.. the movie i saw in the weekend.

This weekend, I saw the movie "Iqbal". Though I love movies, I dont think, i could really do justice in telling the whole story of Iqbal. I haven`t really been happy with all the skin flicks or the other movies, which have been recently been made in Hindi. Neither am I a great cricket enthusiast. In fact I watch only when India and Pakistan play each other, and that too only One-Day matches. I dont really understand test cricket.

Anyway, I guess I`m rather moving away... Talking about the movie, the story is quite a simple story of how a determined mute and dumb youngster(Shreyas Talpade) makes it the Indian Cricket Team, by his sheer practice and with the help of his unconventional coach (Naseerudin Shah), one of the finest actors i have seen.

But as I told you, while watching the movie, there were two moments when my eyes were filled with tears... One of them, was when the boy Iqbal refuses to take a gift from a relative, on seeing which the little sister(portrayed brilliantly by Shweta Prasad.. I just love this little girl.. ) also follows suit. Iqbal, then sits with his sister for sometime. He then motions her to go accept her gift. She hugs him happily.. The little sacrifices, we make and how much we value other`s emotions...!!! I was over awed...

The second scene was when Iqbal gets dismissed from the cricket academy for breaking, a boy`s head, the way the little sister comes home and hugs her mother.
How much we suffer for other`s tribulations and sufferings. How these moments define, that loved ones are not others. They are all part and parcel of us..

With all gratitude to Nagesh Kukunoor, for making this film, I did not feel interested in Cricket, one bit, but this film has lent me a new insight into the world of human emotions and pure love. I guess i must be missing my own sister, but I am leaving tonight to Chennai, my home. So no Complaints.!!!!

Friday, October 28, 2005

The Little Girl..A Small story.

It was basically a very dull morning. The kind of morning, where there is not much of sun, neither much of rain. It was the kind of morning, when you you just cannot wake up early, nor be lazy and sleep a lot and wriggle on a bed. With some great will power, I managed to get up. I had some work, and had planned to get it done on that day.
After the monotonous brushing of the teeth and answering nature`s calls, I was stretching my limbs and trying to keep myself fresh for the day... But man is easily persuaded to procastinate, so I postponed my exercise regime, for a day and lay on my bed.. picked an old Reader`s Digest and was just breezing through, A Picture perfect typical lazy bachelor.
When suddenly I heard a knock on the door, which aroused me out of my dreamy existence. I had already paid my rent, so I was not expecting the landlord, neither was I sure of any friends who had planned to visit me. So with a slight irritation and curiosity, I inched myself towards the door. I then pulled it open....
It was a small girl, in a pretty little pink frock, around four or five years of age. It was not any beggar girl, many of whom painfully roam the streets. She was, if not from a very affluent family, atleast a little girl from a self sufficient family and I also did not recognize her to be any of my neighbour`s children. She looked at me smilingly, while I just stood there and foolishly stared at her, not knowing what to tell to this little early morning visitor.
She then kept both her hands on her head and spoke.." I`m Hungry" . I just then shook myself out of my stupid stance and looked outside to see whether her parents were nearby, or were searching for her. No! There seemed to be no one to take responsibility, nor anyone to help me out in my moment of surprise, but my eyes kept searching and ears kept straining.
"Give me my biscuits.!!! I`m Hungry", the girl thundered. I was immediately at a loss. I sprung to the kitchen. threw around the clothes. looked around my shaving kit.. behind the water can.. in the faint hope of getting something to satisfy her hunger. Finally, from the deepest trenches of my memory, I recollected that I had kept some bread and jam in one of the cupboards by the mirror. I lunged for it, and called out... " I`m coming, little girl"... I made a quick jam sandwich, turned and ran to the door.
She was not to be seen. I again searched out in the porch and outside the gate, all the while confirming that she had gone.. rather mysteriously disappeared. I munched the sandwich, and walked back to my house. I realized that I had, had enough for a day. Getting dressed and ready, I locked my house and walked towards the bus stop.
I heard a woman shouting.. and turned and looked. She was admonishing a little girl, with an ice-cream in her hand. They then walked in to the distance, when the small girl suddenly turned back and looked at me. It was the same girl, who had woken me up. She gave me a gentle smile and turned and hopped along with her mother. I slowly got over, my heart suddenly having missed a beat, and slowly waved my hand, not particularly at anyone, but at a friend, who I felt, would surely meet me again... and then proceeded to my office.
Sitting here, now when I write this, it all feels much like a dream. Perhaps it is...Perhaps not.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Rain.. Pleasure or Pain.!!!

Ever since my childhood, I have admired rain, with lots of pleasant memories, and the pure joy of eating fresh hot bajjis with filter coffee during the heavily raining monsoon in Chennai used to be a wondrous experience.
Rain is always welcomed, with joy, by all the fauna and flora, peacocks dance with joy, in a brilliant show all their colours..
Children jumping over the puddles and putting their craft skills at their best in making those tiny paper boats which are then proudly set to sail in these small oceans..
In the villages, famine hit and strife torn, rain is like a marvellous blessing from Lord Indra, accepted with great content hearts, by the farmers and other souls.. The song.. "Ghanan Ghanan" in Lagaan truly inspired by the great joy of the coming rain.

But Today rain is not really a blessing. In today`s cities, amidst all those huge skyscrapers and man-made dwellings. Rain spells Pain..

The number of houses flooded, the number of lives lost, the number of vehicles submerged, the number of drains left open, under the floods.Today rain is dreaded everywhere, and now while newspapers flash stories, of Bangalore, the Silicon Hub of India being flooded in water, people dissent rain and curse it..

But of course god never created rain, for it to fall on buildings, vehicles etc. When God created rivers, he never envisioned dams.. or if he did know of this kind of a future.. He has just assumed I guess, that Man will finally let better sense prevail over him.

Rain, I still love you a lot.. Little Johnny still wants to play.. though little johnny now works in some software firm which may get flooded today or tomorrow, and little johnny`s work may get hindered, but lets` just hope rain reminds little johnny to play.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Law and Poetry..

Law.. It is such an entangled web for so many of us ignorant people.. and believe me i am as ignorant as any of you.
But the closest, I have got to really feeling Law and it`s impact on Society was after reading John Grisham`s Books..

So I devote this post to two authors who have ruled my mind space a lot..John Grisham( for Law) and who else but Rabindranath Tagore( for poetry).

No!, John Grisham does not actually write legal textbooks, but he churns out brilliantly written stories, which are all based on lawsuits, and most of them were page-turners for me. In fact after reading "The RainMaker", I even actually considered taking up law as a career. Such was the interest he generated.
Apart from Law, another interesting thing about his writing has been that, he also provides a good insight into American culture and thought process of the people across that part of the globe.

But when talking about culture, people, and living.. I would be committing a grave sin, if I were not to talk about Rabindranath Tagore, a great poet and lots of other things, which he added to his profile during his illustrious life.

Tagore, wasn`t just a short story writer. He was primarily a poet, and the passion for poetry, is evident even in his simple short stories of the Land of Bengal and its people.

I myself have passion for poetry and have tried my hand at the same. But Tagore remains the zenith of poetic and lyrical impressions on prose.

His ability to give brilliant insight into ordinary emotions we feel everyday, has always been mindblowing...

There is a lot of difference between these two people, and their writing..

But their common stand here, is because both of them have helped and affected me a lot in the way I see life, the way I see people and the way I look at literature and poetry..

Shall be coming soon, with more on my mind.. Wow! I really feel proud now, when I look at my blog.

Monday, October 24, 2005

From Jungles to Ice...

I am a great fan of Rudyard Kipling.. but something interesting is that.. I have not read any of his books..
I have seen disney`s interpretation of "The Jungle Book" though.. The story in it`s essence itself has a lot for all of us humans to learn..

It`s a very fascinating story of how a child is brought up by a pack of wolves, a bear and a black panther.. That much said.. it is also an endearing story of how.... life is in the jungle.. along with how animals coexist beautifully with nature.. all told in a brilliantly captivating way.

But my intention here was not to just give a review of this story.. I wanted to strike a point here that... man by himself has achieved and over achieved technologically and culturally.. but has never been satisfied with what nature provides.. He/She has never been happy to survive with whatever little solace.. nature provided.. And of course if that had happened, I wouldn`t be sitting and blogging today.. BUT..
With all these technological advancements, man has left nature behind..
To put things in simpler terms..
Though he is still fascinated by it!!, He is no more in love with it..

Here I have for a rather very funny incident which happened while I was touring along the south pole..
There is a rule among penguins that.. no one should ever overtake the leader.. And that seems true..
It goes out to show that even these beautiful creations of God, sometimes have humane reactions..

The part about me touring the South pole, was just my imagination running too far way.. but these things again happen in a blog I guess :-)

Friday, October 21, 2005

Keeping ahead of change...

Where ever you go.. you see people changing.. Nothing is permanent in life..

Not even the mentality of any one person.. not even his/her viewpoint...

Of course there is nothing wrong with that..

But, when we see that some one has lost all his talents, or all his ideologies.. when we see that someone gives no more worth for their past.. we are obviously pained

Look at the ruins in Hampi, for instance. Jackie Chan travels all the way from Hong Kong, in total awe of the great civilization which existed here, and all we even talk about is Mallika Sherawat acting with him. No!. I dont have anything against her personally..

The temple( in pic ) above shows a serene temple as it is in Kerala. Thatz one thing I`ve admired and adored about kerala. The serenity and calm maintained and the importance given to culture. Of course the people have been afflicted to lots of changes, political and social, and on a large scale human values have receeded, yet there are few things, which we need to appreciate.

Today, how many people actually read books, for instance. I myself wouldn`t if I had a television, in my home right now. Not necessarily those huge bragging books for self development... No!! One ultimately needs much of will power and commitment to rise to the top. I am talking about stories, fiction.. or poetry or books on history or culture or of civilizations..

I guess.. that should do for now... Well lets keep something for the next blog.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Worldly Matters...

Life just keeps moving..
And my life just moved on.. after that I dont want to spend much time on details..
I wanted to write about my entire life..
But I guess that isn`t practical... so letz get on.. with more serious issues..
If you want to know my details.. please check out my

I am currently stranded here in 2005. Looking at earthquakes, violence and
what not.. Life has changed a lot.. The Human race has also become more conscious of
their animal-like existence..

But a thinker there and a philosopher here, lend support that.. Homo sapiens are still
marching on ahead.. Jus hope technological advancements dont hinder this thinking process.

Everyone cant really be a budha in these days, because everyone is so immune to suffering
and hardship.. that no one can really have a fresh perspective on life..

When budha saw a beggar, he understood what poverty is..
When he saw a funeral, he understood death
When he saw a leper, he understood disease..

Today is the age of test tube babies and stem cell research, with cloning giggling out there
in the near future..

Will such thoughts ever be prevalent today..
No!! I am not an aethist.. I believe in God..

And there is nothing wrong in posing these questions to Lord Almighty himself..
Believe me... He Answers...