Thursday, October 20, 2005

Worldly Matters...

Life just keeps moving..
And my life just moved on.. after that I dont want to spend much time on details..
I wanted to write about my entire life..
But I guess that isn`t practical... so letz get on.. with more serious issues..
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I am currently stranded here in 2005. Looking at earthquakes, violence and
what not.. Life has changed a lot.. The Human race has also become more conscious of
their animal-like existence..

But a thinker there and a philosopher here, lend support that.. Homo sapiens are still
marching on ahead.. Jus hope technological advancements dont hinder this thinking process.

Everyone cant really be a budha in these days, because everyone is so immune to suffering
and hardship.. that no one can really have a fresh perspective on life..

When budha saw a beggar, he understood what poverty is..
When he saw a funeral, he understood death
When he saw a leper, he understood disease..

Today is the age of test tube babies and stem cell research, with cloning giggling out there
in the near future..

Will such thoughts ever be prevalent today..
No!! I am not an aethist.. I believe in God..

And there is nothing wrong in posing these questions to Lord Almighty himself..
Believe me... He Answers...

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