Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ode to a Broken Soul

 The darkness is unsettling, setting around
Around are the walls, trapped and quiet
Shrouded, in fear, amidst all the sound
So were his dreams, an emotional riot.

The world's smiles lent a ray outside
Yet the mind struggles to really leave
At once love and yet a panicky ride
A song, some colours and yet he does grieve

Every little joy so treasured, surreal
Wrapped around the harshness of reality
The little joys, in mind, ever memorial
Scarred is the soul, a fragile fatality

With passage of time, to the world doors open
To the world, he remains a happy soul
His happiness external, in spirit his pen
Behind his smile, cries of anguish, behold!

To the wounded little boy, easy come the tears
Genuine smiles are rarer by the day
As egged on by society, to the same walls, he leers
The man, the boy, the soul still cry everyday.

Clueless, he roams the world, for he knows not
Where resides his happiness, from his heart; he lost
His life, not in breath, in spirit what he got
After all the sad stories, his pen remained lost