Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The First Sin.

Every kick, the cause of pricking pain,
Treated, just as another assurance.
Every movement, brings tears to the eyes
Yet there`s joy, only meaning in existence.

Gathering all energy, all the strength
To generously bear kick after kick
Body shivering cold; eyes filled with hope
Clenching fists, biting teeth, as seconds tick.

Pushing hard against the wall of death
Laying claim to life, like thy own
Fear sets in, never of life; but
For life within life and all dreams known.

I took you to the jaws of death
Taking pains; to the world, you brought me in.
Forgive me, mother, I never knew
I had committed my first sin.
These words, I dedicate to those gritty women, who bear immense pain to give forth life. Those women, whom we know as mothers, upon whom we have unknowingly bestowed so much of pain. It is only reasonable that we spend our lives in seeking forgiveness for all the sacrifices and suffering they have endured to give us the life we live today. A life we need to live in celebration of motherhood every single day.


I found this link through lazygeek
Why I shut down my blog. By Sarah Hepola

It`s about how a freelance writer actually stopped blogging, because it was hindering her writing. Like lazygeek says, it is very honest, but I was like scared. So how is writing different from blogging. ? I have been believing that blogging is one fine way of expression but is it not creative writing. ? With friends like Jagan suddenly stopping their blog, I am afraid, whether I will continue to have the same urge in me. It`s so funny, I am writing this, after my contrasting previous post.

Pay no heed to this. I just felt like publishing a thread of thought in my mind. As of now, I have plenty to write(blog) about...

I`m already thinking about my next post. ;-)

Monday, April 24, 2006

A Perennial Journey.!

My friend recently passed on this link to me.
BBC NEWS Business Business bites the blogging bullet
I asked him.. "Why? "
He replied " Because you are a blogger! "

Well!, went on to read the article. It is basically about how blogs can either bring down or boost the market for any business or a firm.

I really dont know whether I will do all that in the future. but sure feel privileged to be using this powerful medium.

All this reminds me of how I nervously started doing this 1 year back here.

If there`s something i`ve got out of this, it`s the rejuvenation of my mind and the winning of several friends.

Let that remain my sole accomplishment for now...!
Thank You All!

The journey continues...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Walk in the Dark

Photo By Bill Gekas, Courtesy - www.photo.net
An evening sky, filled with crimson hues
As the sun subsides in an earthly embrace
Colours, mere flaws of the human eye
All is black; is belief set right
Night is truth, darkness spreads the news

Crickets scream in blinded fear
And tiny friends crawl and creep
Strolling along on the dark tar road
Alone and calm, whispering to the wind
Imagine not, then there`s nothing to fear

Stubborn mind, inspired by the dark
Arrests haunting songs of the unseen
Lending sight to glimpses undesired
Every cracking twig, crystal clear, life so dear
Sweating in the cold, looking behind at the dark.

Hesitant, on every tread, cold yet hot
A tiny streak of silver light, head stands upright
From grey mystic clouds, the moon peeping in,
Drenched in moonlight, Dazzled by nature`s art,
I leap in joy, forever; shall fear not.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Learning to get tagged.

It took me quite a while to understand what a tag is on the blogosphere. After browsing through tons of blogs, I finally realized what it is. Already Marutham and Maya have tagged me and I don`t like to keep my work pending. So here goes…

Note : I , however am not tagging anyone for now. Maybe i`ll give you all a surprise later.

5 people who top your shit list

Now this is truly a tough one.. Not easy to compile a list as such. However since it`s official…

* The inhospitable shopkeeper who considers the occasional customer as such a big burden, that he frowns and grunts.
* The hefty landlord, who shows you around a dilapidated house, demands an even heftier rent, and then the moment you say that you`re a bachelor, he drives you out!
* The pervert who think it`s easy to satisfy one`s lust by victimizing an innocent child.
* The seemingly good friend, who talks behind my back.
* The distant relative, who blatantly asks you “What is your salary ?”. I wouldn`t mind telling that to the girl who calls me every week for a credit card, but not this one.

Close brushes with death/danger

* I was born, but never cried. Didn`t cry for days, and I was put in a little swimming pool, with tubes around me for days. And then suddenly I cried.. Have been crying ever since.
* When I, once narrowly missed an accident with a speeding autorickshaw, while learning to ride my cycle.
* When I tried, to learn to ride a scooter, gave full throttle, and released the clutch fully, instantly.. Phew!.. I could clearly see Lord Yamaraja.
* When I went swimming, in the big tank, near our home in Calicut. Went a little far and was then shouting Help! Help!. Fortunately, happened to get a grip on to my uncle`s hand.
* When, I drank dettol, thinking it was my grandfather`s honey.!!!

5 Preferable modes of suicide

Suicide is one of the gravest sins, i`ve known. Life is a beautiful gift. Why cause pain for others and for your soul by taking it. No!, there are no preferred modes and no ‘suicide’ in my dictionary.

5 Guilty pleasures and pleasure with pains.

Guilty Pleasures

- “Hide and Seek” chocolate biscuits.
- The extra 1 hour of sleep in the morning. ( I just love it! )
- The occasional “Filmfare” magazine, to take in all the gossip.
- Having real fun, playing the fool, with friends.
- Becoming a typical “couch potato” at home…

Pleasure filled pains ( in reply to Marutham`s tag, sorry for being late… )

The occasional breakdown of the bus, resulting in a long walk home, used to be a pleasure, with it`s share of pains. Walking on a hot afternoon in Chennai , is enough pain, so I don`t need to describe it. But the jokes, we played on each other( me and my sister ), she teasing me for being fat, for my being the quintessential ‘crybaby’ at school. I still remember pushing her onto the sand and walking away, the self important big brother. We used to dream about the food mother would have made, all the while knowing pretty well, that it would be routine food. Talking about the school bus kids, Kids, we mutually liked and disliked. Even between the perspiration and the heat, and the tiring legs, we used to enjoy making fun of the passers-by, just for the fun of it. It may be just a memory now, but as of now, that`s the most vivid one I have.

Apart from this, I believe replying to a tag, is itself a pleasure filled pain. Thinking about things, I never thought I would think about and yet cribbing all the while, thinking, that I never wrote, an assignment properly at college and now I am writing this.

5 things you never want to forget

* All My childhood memories and friends.
* All the stories, i`ve read of…
* The days, I spent with my grandmother, the taste of her cooking.
* All the things, my parents have sacrificed for me.
* To reply to a comment on this blog.

5 things I wish to forget

I basically like everything in my life so far. It would be perfect as it was, whether it was a sad occasion or a mistake on my part. Everything has taught me something, has created some value in me, so I don`t have anything which I would like to forget. No! I`m not trying to escape from writing.
Ahhhh! Yes, All the bad movies i`ve seen. Yes! Sure would like to forget them and the money and time I spent on seeing them.

5 really exotic dishes you have tried ( My 5 favourite dishes would have been easier .)

* American Chopsuey ( Didn`t like it though.)
* Some Thai food, I can`t even spell.
* A chinese version of a pasta. ( Was really funny.)
* A Russian space pudding ( Something, I made myself, Needs no cooking. Just mix anything sweet, available in the kitchen and Presto! )
* A Tortoise Egg Omelette ( Yes that`s at the height of my imagination.. ;-))

5 crushes/loves in your life

* A childhood playmate in Calicut. ( Remained a playmate L )
* The girl, who first pushed my lunch bag down in the 4th Standard.
* The big fat girl, who gave me the cutest smile, at the IIT entrance exam, seeing my supposedly stupid bewildered face.
* The girl, who actually proposed to me at college, though cupid never struck me.! We went on to become good friends.
* The girl, i`m yet to meet, my yet to be, would-be …

Strangest dream you ever had

“…One fine morning, I woke up at my ancestral home, went down to the sitout, all my family members suddenly standing there. A Big snake came, with around 4 heads, and with a big hood and menacingly posed before me. I look behind me and my aunt shouts at me “It`s Chitrakunnan “ My whole big family of four generations, bow before the big snake and finally, reluctantly so do I. …”
That was the strangest dream that I had. I still remember it clearly because my mother was immediately off to the temple, the next day morning, when I told her, in order to appease the serpent spirits…

5 most valued personal possessions

* My Life and experiences
* Books
* A small little collection of poems, i`ve written.
* My certificates ( The only evidences to speak of 20 years of education )
* Family and friends.

5 favorite superheroes

· Rambo ( I just love Sylvester Stallone)
· Bruce Lee
· All Big Sportsmen
· All Brave Soldiers.
· All righteous journos and social workers.

It`s all over, and now that I completed all, let me be frank, I started this with a slight irritation, but along the way, I really started enjoying it. Thanks for tagging me.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

It`s all a Story!

I`ve always wondered why I remember certain things more in a certain way, while other things which are taught to me in detail are easily forgotten. I`ve always wondered why I remember certain places, know their cultures better, than certain other places, where i`ve even lived, but still am in the dark about them.

And one fine day, I struck upon the answer, all those things, which I remembered well, all those places, about which I knew so well, all of them had a story associated with them. A story about the land, people, culture, nature and the goodness. A Story is a wonderful art form, which involves the passion of it`s author and casts a permanent impression upon our minds.

I have recently been reading “Our Favourite Indian Stories”. A collection of all the stories famous in all the different states in India, by different celebrated authors, and it is so great a work, to collect all of them, have them translated and published. Kudos to Khushwant Singh and Neelam Kumar, it`s authors.

In my childhood, after taking bath, my father used to tell me to wipe my back first. I used to ask him..”Why? “ He used to then tell me a story about how two types of ‘bhagawatis’ (Godesses ) would be waiting for me to jump on my body after my bath. One, an evil one, and the other the good one. The evil one was supposedly faster and so it was assumed it was safer to keep it on our backs. Later on, I found out that the scientific reason behind this practise was that the skin on our backs are thinner and so we have more chance of getting cold, if we don`t wipe our backs. To this day, I wipe my back first. Every time I remember it, it is not because of the scientific reason, but because there`s a story there and I want to keep myself safe from the evil bhagawati.

There are lots of things which we learn, about the world, about different persons. If today I know a lot about America, it`s because of the stories, i`ve read like ‘Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ or ‘Huck Finn’. If I know something about England, it`s thanks to the stories of Jane Austen, Arthur Conan Doyle and his famous creation, Agatha Christie and the like.

In fact, why do we even remember certain people more than others. There were a number of scientists in this world, but we still remember Newton for the story of the apple, Edison for the incidents from his life.
The book about the Holy Blood and Holy Grail was published long before 'The Da Vinci Code', but it wasn`t as famous till then. It became famous only because Dan Brown so cleverly crafted a story into it. Today we are so interested in Mary Magdalene and her family lineage, in unravelling the hidden mysteries in Leonardo`s paintings, all because we know of a story called 'The Da Vinci Code'.

Students in chennai schools know about the Hindi heartland through the stories of Munshi Premchand, Mahashweta Devi or Jawahar Lal Nehru. The Malabar coastline is most aptly described in the stories of Vaikkom Mohammed Basheer or Kamala Suraiyya. Short stories of Indira Parthasarathy, Ashokamitran or even bigger works like ‘Silappadikaram’ are the greatest possible source of knowledge about Tamil Nadu, it`s land and culture.

After all India, itself is the land of epics like Ramayana and Mahabharatha to lend philosophical insight to millions, Stories of Mughal rulers and their conquests and stories of British colonisation. India becomes a land of great diversity, due to the multitude of stories about it. It is known more globally due to the likes of Ruskin Bond or Rudyard Kipling, not forgetting our own Indian Authors, the great writers like Tagore, who brought India into the limelight with the sheer magic in his stories.

I feel like writing a story, but I`m not yet good at it. But to all the other bloggers who write stories, Great work!, you could be drafting a knowledge base for the generations to come.

On a rather lighter note, today if Ice cream vendors give mystic names like 'Arabian Delight' to their delicious sundaes, it`s because we have all at one time or the other read and marvelled at the aura and splendour of the land of camels, sheiks, jewels and genies, the land of arabia as described magnificently in the '1001 Arabian Nights'.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Final Adieu

Pic Courtesy - Art By Arno

Today as i read in the papers about the riots in Bangalore, the silicon garden city, I couldn`t just ignore the coincidences, the inconsistencies of the human mind. Death is after all something expected in every person` s life ultimately. Death of course is synonymous with pain, with grief.

It may not be so for the dead, but it can truly be traumatic for those who survive the dead, and it is in their suffering, it is due to their suffering that we view death as the ultimate end possibility of sadness and mishap.

True, but does that justify these riots. How dignified is that for those people who have left their earthly existence behind. Today, due to these riots, thespian actor Rajkumar`s death has become an inconvenience to so many others. What Rajkumar`s family has lost, what his own soul has been deprived of, is that quiet dignity in death.

I remember reading a few months back, an article by Mahesh Dattani in “The Week”, about this same “Dignity in Death”. He had written a beautiful account of how his mother, if I remember correctly had told him that she did not want to die in the hospital bed, how she wanted to pass away with great spirit and silent dignity at their old ancestral house.

Life is beautiful, and so is death. Though few of us believe in rebirth and few of us don`t, many of us just don`t care. Death is after all not something we all really wish for others, but once it has happened, there is meaning and there is a life which still exists in the memories. There is a life in the footprints. Often my heart cries out.. Death is just absence of life. Death is not evil.!!!

Five more days, and on April 18th, I shall celebrate yet another day of remembrance of my grandmother. Though she passed away on a hospital bed, with tubes running all around her, as the days and hours rolled meaninglessly, there was slowly visible on her lips a curve.. a smile.

To live, of all, is a colourful gift
Worldly charms and feats drift.
In death, I see glory of all.
The final adieu, the eternal finest
All journeys lie unfinished,
The Grand Finale, A Farewell
And all is told, memories built!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Moment to Smile...

Treasuring memories of the past
In painful nostalgia and mystic grief
In present, while attempting to relive
Spare a moment, to just smile.

Time takes from us, what is due
What life giveth, not lasting true
In a struggle to be of heart; content
All wealth abounds in that little smile

Volcanoes erupt as temper lost to disrupt
Massive landslides and friends to foes
As time sets sail and calm prevails
Crossing paths shall merge, just smile

Hurt at mind, hurt at heart
A tiring life, wounded with scars
To forget all, O` Lord!, I need…
All I need is a moment to smile
Some wise person once remarked.. "The most beautiful thing in the world is a child`s innocent smile" So very true.
Life would be so much easier, if all of us just remembered, all of us just spared a moment to smile at Life!.