Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Final Adieu

Pic Courtesy - Art By Arno

Today as i read in the papers about the riots in Bangalore, the silicon garden city, I couldn`t just ignore the coincidences, the inconsistencies of the human mind. Death is after all something expected in every person` s life ultimately. Death of course is synonymous with pain, with grief.

It may not be so for the dead, but it can truly be traumatic for those who survive the dead, and it is in their suffering, it is due to their suffering that we view death as the ultimate end possibility of sadness and mishap.

True, but does that justify these riots. How dignified is that for those people who have left their earthly existence behind. Today, due to these riots, thespian actor Rajkumar`s death has become an inconvenience to so many others. What Rajkumar`s family has lost, what his own soul has been deprived of, is that quiet dignity in death.

I remember reading a few months back, an article by Mahesh Dattani in “The Week”, about this same “Dignity in Death”. He had written a beautiful account of how his mother, if I remember correctly had told him that she did not want to die in the hospital bed, how she wanted to pass away with great spirit and silent dignity at their old ancestral house.

Life is beautiful, and so is death. Though few of us believe in rebirth and few of us don`t, many of us just don`t care. Death is after all not something we all really wish for others, but once it has happened, there is meaning and there is a life which still exists in the memories. There is a life in the footprints. Often my heart cries out.. Death is just absence of life. Death is not evil.!!!

Five more days, and on April 18th, I shall celebrate yet another day of remembrance of my grandmother. Though she passed away on a hospital bed, with tubes running all around her, as the days and hours rolled meaninglessly, there was slowly visible on her lips a curve.. a smile.

To live, of all, is a colourful gift
Worldly charms and feats drift.
In death, I see glory of all.
The final adieu, the eternal finest
All journeys lie unfinished,
The Grand Finale, A Farewell
And all is told, memories built!


Ram said...

Well said Srijith. It is incredibly frustrating to see and hear about the riots and deaths [what? 5 people died in the riots during a funeral procession?].

I went through an incredibly painful loss last year, and these lines helped me reach some peace. I hope you take the strength from your beliefs and keep living a life that will ensure that the smile on her lips never fades!

Marutham said...

WOW, Beautifull painting and a wonderfull poem....

ps:Hope u read my reply for your comment in my page :)
Bye for now~!

Srijith Unni said...

@Ram : Yes, sure Ram, I will strive to make my life better so that her smile never fades.

@Marutham : Yes, I read your reply. One of the ways I define success, is to make someone realise the good heart in me.. :-)) Thanks for making me successful.

Thanks for commenting.

Maya Cassis said...

Life is beautiful and so is death...
very true srijith

I got stuck in Bangalore for three days cos of all the commotion.I could not believe the amount of damage people caused.they looked like unruly hyenas!!
yes,your grandmother must have been in a safe place hence the smile.atleast you were able to notice that despite all the commotion around her.:)

Srijith Unni said...

Hi Maya,

I like that description ..'Unruly Hyenas'... hee hee.



Hey, you sure write so very well. I am totally impressed. The riots in Bangalore has been a permanenet ugly mark. They reported property damage worth 8 crores I guess. I was bought up in Bangalore and was there till last year. These guys are a bunch of politically motivated people. =Then you have the section os frustrated people who say that their jobs are being taken away with so many non Kannidigas in Bangalore taking all the software jobs. In the end apart from the destruction and death I pity the family of Dr Rajkumar who didn't have some decent time for qiality greiving as they were more worried who is going to break entry into the house.Total injustice had been done.

I am so sorry about your Ammuma. it hurts and ya, I always hear this statement "Did she have a painful death or a blissful one"?
Death affects the people who are left behind to a great extent,I am not scared to die for myself but I am worried because I know I would hurt so many other people and that makes my stomach tight.

Srijith Unni said...

@ scribblez: It`s really nice to know that some one feels the same way, yes it was sad , about bangalore, but scribblez, one piece of free advice, don`t worry about people who survive you. Don`t allow that worry, to have a sad effect on your journey into nothingness or to another life.

Suji said...

Hi Srijith,

Yes what you said is so true. Death is beautiful too. I am not scared of my own death, I think that death brings peace, atleast to the person who is dying. But my grandmother's death was a big blow to me. She was a great human being. But during her last days in hospital she could not recognise any of us. That was very painful for me. I had always dreamt of living with her again some day and that could never happen. But I am sure she must be happy and peaceful now whereever she is. The lines that you have written for ur grandmother gives me strength too. Thank you.

Srijith Unni said...

@suji : Thanks for coming by. It please me a lot to know that my words have given you strength. Once Again thanks for that wonderful compliment!

Anonymous said...

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