Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The First Sin.

Every kick, the cause of pricking pain,
Treated, just as another assurance.
Every movement, brings tears to the eyes
Yet there`s joy, only meaning in existence.

Gathering all energy, all the strength
To generously bear kick after kick
Body shivering cold; eyes filled with hope
Clenching fists, biting teeth, as seconds tick.

Pushing hard against the wall of death
Laying claim to life, like thy own
Fear sets in, never of life; but
For life within life and all dreams known.

I took you to the jaws of death
Taking pains; to the world, you brought me in.
Forgive me, mother, I never knew
I had committed my first sin.
These words, I dedicate to those gritty women, who bear immense pain to give forth life. Those women, whom we know as mothers, upon whom we have unknowingly bestowed so much of pain. It is only reasonable that we spend our lives in seeking forgiveness for all the sacrifices and suffering they have endured to give us the life we live today. A life we need to live in celebration of motherhood every single day.



Wow...This is great...So much said in those few lines...Very careful with words n you induce the correct sentiment too! My friend just called me yesterday to let me know she is going to be a mom and we were discussing if she felt the kicks...It sure is a very painful phase but the pain dissolves as soon as you see what a beauty you have created...I am sure this is what all mothers think...I respect all of them for enduring so much to bring us to this world!! Nice poem Srijith!! :)

Maya Cassis said...

Awesome devotion to all the child bearer's out there in such wonderful words.
as always you are the true poet.
have fun
enjoy life

Deepti said...

this is written by u?? cant believe a man can so closely feel a woman's innermost emotions and feelings...the pains that she gets thru..but truly a masterpiece... i have seen this closely enough..even though not thru my ownself ...but since then i started respecting my mother a lot more then i did earlier..i wish all men in this world cud understand this truth !!
anyways nice post!

Ram said...

Brilliant lines Srijith. A sincere, thought-provoking and powerful dedication.

And no doubt we need to live a life that gives mothers the honor and respect they deserve. How often we take their presence for granted! How easy it is to become used to their love!

The first sin should be the only sin!



Can I wonder- Where is Srijith or assume tht he is just very busy!! U seemt to be missing in action

Gaurav Jain said...

Thought provoking poem, and very very real. I almost shuddered when I realized that you named the poem "The First Sin". This is indeed a sin that we must commit in order to be born, and we should seek to spend the rest of our lives in respecting and loving our mothers to make amends for that sin.

Prabhudass said...

How ???
Did u copy ??
Its Very good.

Marutham said...

Excellent! U know what...Fewmins back amma and i had an argumnt and i gave up and came upstairs angrily...But just now i went sadi SORRY'ma - although amma was wrong not me :D And here i am...Wonderful dedication!! Great going! I Wish ...my recent post! I wish this too..Never hurt MOMS
@ Prabhu,
Thats a little impolite way of asking , my friend. You could have asked " Is it your original work?"

Srijith Unni said...

@Scribblez : Thanks for the appreciation and thanks for your words on motherhood. Yeah i`ve been away on a vacation. So, the lull..!

@Maya : Have you read Alexander Pope`s lines.. "True poets are but rare" I am just on the path to becoming a true poet. I guess all of us are ;-)

@Deepti : Yeah, I wrote this. and you`re right, it is hard to believe that a man can experience the same feelings. I owe gratitude for that to a short story "Birth", by Mulk Raj Anand, for the inspiration and helping me imagine this divine phenomenon.

Srijith Unni said...

@Ram : Very Well Said Ram! The first sin should be the only sin.!
Thanks for your support and appreciation.

@Gaurav : Thanks for the feedback. Yes to call it a sin, just helps us sit and take notice. doesn`t it..?

@Prabhudass : Yeah da, I wrote it. Thanks for coming by.

@Marutham : Thanks for your appreciation. Yes, Never hurt MOMS.. well said!. and Marutham, prabhu is my junior @ college and he`s just being his usual sarcastic self, so don`t bother.

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