Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I found this link through lazygeek
Why I shut down my blog. By Sarah Hepola

It`s about how a freelance writer actually stopped blogging, because it was hindering her writing. Like lazygeek says, it is very honest, but I was like scared. So how is writing different from blogging. ? I have been believing that blogging is one fine way of expression but is it not creative writing. ? With friends like Jagan suddenly stopping their blog, I am afraid, whether I will continue to have the same urge in me. It`s so funny, I am writing this, after my contrasting previous post.

Pay no heed to this. I just felt like publishing a thread of thought in my mind. As of now, I have plenty to write(blog) about...

I`m already thinking about my next post. ;-)



good, u better do tht....writing for some newspaper etc etc, u t tailored wht to avoid writing and there is always this layer of political favourism assciated with it..I was a free lance writer n quit as they were unwilling to take in some views whicch were not the sweet stuff...KEEP WRITING SRIJITH!! :)

Srijith Unni said...

Wow! scribblez, I never knew that you were a freelance writer. No wonder you write so well. And yes, i agree with what you say. It`s only on a blog that you don`t have to care a damn!

and yes, I am not stopping writing


Marutham said...

Seems like lots of us bloggers have published articles!! Infact i have Published some of my Blog post as articles and also viceversa....So i don't think this affects in any way at all! But i have a statement to make which i have already made in Jegans last post too..."Blogs are also like ADDICTION....

Srijith Unni said...

@ MArutham : Very True. You can always do the vice versa stuff and and yeah like you said we do tend to get addicted to, or even attached to our blogs.


Anonymous said...

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