Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Learning to get tagged.

It took me quite a while to understand what a tag is on the blogosphere. After browsing through tons of blogs, I finally realized what it is. Already Marutham and Maya have tagged me and I don`t like to keep my work pending. So here goes…

Note : I , however am not tagging anyone for now. Maybe i`ll give you all a surprise later.

5 people who top your shit list

Now this is truly a tough one.. Not easy to compile a list as such. However since it`s official…

* The inhospitable shopkeeper who considers the occasional customer as such a big burden, that he frowns and grunts.
* The hefty landlord, who shows you around a dilapidated house, demands an even heftier rent, and then the moment you say that you`re a bachelor, he drives you out!
* The pervert who think it`s easy to satisfy one`s lust by victimizing an innocent child.
* The seemingly good friend, who talks behind my back.
* The distant relative, who blatantly asks you “What is your salary ?”. I wouldn`t mind telling that to the girl who calls me every week for a credit card, but not this one.

Close brushes with death/danger

* I was born, but never cried. Didn`t cry for days, and I was put in a little swimming pool, with tubes around me for days. And then suddenly I cried.. Have been crying ever since.
* When I, once narrowly missed an accident with a speeding autorickshaw, while learning to ride my cycle.
* When I tried, to learn to ride a scooter, gave full throttle, and released the clutch fully, instantly.. Phew!.. I could clearly see Lord Yamaraja.
* When I went swimming, in the big tank, near our home in Calicut. Went a little far and was then shouting Help! Help!. Fortunately, happened to get a grip on to my uncle`s hand.
* When, I drank dettol, thinking it was my grandfather`s honey.!!!

5 Preferable modes of suicide

Suicide is one of the gravest sins, i`ve known. Life is a beautiful gift. Why cause pain for others and for your soul by taking it. No!, there are no preferred modes and no ‘suicide’ in my dictionary.

5 Guilty pleasures and pleasure with pains.

Guilty Pleasures

- “Hide and Seek” chocolate biscuits.
- The extra 1 hour of sleep in the morning. ( I just love it! )
- The occasional “Filmfare” magazine, to take in all the gossip.
- Having real fun, playing the fool, with friends.
- Becoming a typical “couch potato” at home…

Pleasure filled pains ( in reply to Marutham`s tag, sorry for being late… )

The occasional breakdown of the bus, resulting in a long walk home, used to be a pleasure, with it`s share of pains. Walking on a hot afternoon in Chennai , is enough pain, so I don`t need to describe it. But the jokes, we played on each other( me and my sister ), she teasing me for being fat, for my being the quintessential ‘crybaby’ at school. I still remember pushing her onto the sand and walking away, the self important big brother. We used to dream about the food mother would have made, all the while knowing pretty well, that it would be routine food. Talking about the school bus kids, Kids, we mutually liked and disliked. Even between the perspiration and the heat, and the tiring legs, we used to enjoy making fun of the passers-by, just for the fun of it. It may be just a memory now, but as of now, that`s the most vivid one I have.

Apart from this, I believe replying to a tag, is itself a pleasure filled pain. Thinking about things, I never thought I would think about and yet cribbing all the while, thinking, that I never wrote, an assignment properly at college and now I am writing this.

5 things you never want to forget

* All My childhood memories and friends.
* All the stories, i`ve read of…
* The days, I spent with my grandmother, the taste of her cooking.
* All the things, my parents have sacrificed for me.
* To reply to a comment on this blog.

5 things I wish to forget

I basically like everything in my life so far. It would be perfect as it was, whether it was a sad occasion or a mistake on my part. Everything has taught me something, has created some value in me, so I don`t have anything which I would like to forget. No! I`m not trying to escape from writing.
Ahhhh! Yes, All the bad movies i`ve seen. Yes! Sure would like to forget them and the money and time I spent on seeing them.

5 really exotic dishes you have tried ( My 5 favourite dishes would have been easier .)

* American Chopsuey ( Didn`t like it though.)
* Some Thai food, I can`t even spell.
* A chinese version of a pasta. ( Was really funny.)
* A Russian space pudding ( Something, I made myself, Needs no cooking. Just mix anything sweet, available in the kitchen and Presto! )
* A Tortoise Egg Omelette ( Yes that`s at the height of my imagination.. ;-))

5 crushes/loves in your life

* A childhood playmate in Calicut. ( Remained a playmate L )
* The girl, who first pushed my lunch bag down in the 4th Standard.
* The big fat girl, who gave me the cutest smile, at the IIT entrance exam, seeing my supposedly stupid bewildered face.
* The girl, who actually proposed to me at college, though cupid never struck me.! We went on to become good friends.
* The girl, i`m yet to meet, my yet to be, would-be …

Strangest dream you ever had

“…One fine morning, I woke up at my ancestral home, went down to the sitout, all my family members suddenly standing there. A Big snake came, with around 4 heads, and with a big hood and menacingly posed before me. I look behind me and my aunt shouts at me “It`s Chitrakunnan “ My whole big family of four generations, bow before the big snake and finally, reluctantly so do I. …”
That was the strangest dream that I had. I still remember it clearly because my mother was immediately off to the temple, the next day morning, when I told her, in order to appease the serpent spirits…

5 most valued personal possessions

* My Life and experiences
* Books
* A small little collection of poems, i`ve written.
* My certificates ( The only evidences to speak of 20 years of education )
* Family and friends.

5 favorite superheroes

· Rambo ( I just love Sylvester Stallone)
· Bruce Lee
· All Big Sportsmen
· All Brave Soldiers.
· All righteous journos and social workers.

It`s all over, and now that I completed all, let me be frank, I started this with a slight irritation, but along the way, I really started enjoying it. Thanks for tagging me.


Maya Cassis said...

I know what you mean.I didn't know what a tag was either to start with and I had to go explore a lot of others blogs until I got the hang of it.
Now it's easy as pie but you do need the time and energy to do it and thanks for doing it so quick!

Your shit list:
I agree,I do not frequent shops where I do not feel welcome.I really stay clear from grumpy people,myself
I can't tolerate back biters either.they are such stabbers and I know
yes,i agree on the salary enquiry really sucks and I don't shy around in adding a few thousands to the zeroes hahaha

so you were not born a cry baby and then they induced your crying...haha

Dettol and HONEY!!!!!!YIKES!!!I'll keep that one far away from kids now

Bravo! on your opinion on suicide.I cherish your views on life too

yummy hide n seek
oh yes ,love sleep too

yeah, i find american chopsuey a bit tooo sweet for my taste..but occasionally it's kinda ok
Russian space pudding...rofl hahahaha

Good luck on meeting your would-be

Hee hee sorry for the slight irritation I caused you at the beginning but I was interested in knowing more about you and since you write so well,I really wanted a new post soon.greedy ol me but I enjoyed this thouroughly.
Thank you

Srijith Unni said...

Hi Maya,

Nice to know that you enjoyed the post.
Pleasure`s mine..


Anand Prabhu said...

srijith.. cool list of things :) enjoyed reading it.. aama IIT entrance pass paningala :) after that girl smiled at u :P

thanks for visitng my blog.. me too blogrolled u.. keep visiting and keep posting :) take care

Deepak said...

Sorry. Couldn't stop myself from writing this..

Haha!!! I'm visualizing the bodybuilder running after Maya on one side of a road and the chubby girl of IIT entrance running after you on the other side of the road. Both of you are crying "Help!!!" :D

Me enjoying the show from a corner of the road. :D

Maya Cassis said...

Deepak: If that makes you laugh then go ahead.cos am standing here and laughing and crying "Help"

Ram said...

Oh man, dettol and honey is funny [although not for you I guess]. My mom uses some medicinal hair oil and my Dad used dettol thinking it was that oil and I remember how our whole house was reeking - God, that was hilarious!

Next time I'm in Chennai you gotta make me the Russian Space pudding man, sounds wonderful [no dettol as honey I hope]

Srijith Unni said...

@ Anand Prabhu : No, ! Me..? Passing IIT entrance no way.. was never that brilliant. Thanks for visiting, Awaiting your stories..

@Deepak : Actually, I sort of liked that girl, the only thing is that I knew, i would never get to see her again, as I could foresee the big '0' on my paper. Thanks for having a good laugh! ;-)

@ Ram : Yeah Dettol sounds funny but as it touches your tongue, you realize that it is not a very healthy concotion. Yeah sure.. Anytime, the only thing is i too need to be in chennai, I`m presently in Hyderabad.

Palaniappan N said...

Good one..
But it seems, a lot has happened in your life without my knowledge

Dreamvendor said...

When, I drank dettol, thinking it was my grandfather`s honey.!!!

LOL @ that *sorry*

How did it taste btw?!?! Glad that you are living to write about it! I had a friend who used dettol thinking that it would vanish his pimples. Things worsened though.

Srijith Unni said...

@ Dreamvendor : Hi DV, it sure didn`t taste sweet, rather I would say it`s a combination of all things spicy and tasteless.. Get it..??


Your 5 crushes r so cute man.....Did it not include any teacher?? :) Kidding!!!

Marutham said...

//the self important big brother. We used to dream about the food mother would have made, all the while knowing pretty well, that it would be routine food. Talking about the school bus kids, Kids, we mutually liked and disliked. Even between the perspiration and the heat, and the tiring legs, we used to enjoy making fun of the passers-by, just for the fun of it.//
I must say DITTO!!! :) That was a very impressive post! I really did enjoy reading your tag post. Thanku for taking up the TAG.Am in a hurry now.More later...Bye.

sheetal said...

hi unni,
...1st timer on ur blog, but hav 2 say,compared 2 all the guilty pleasures ive read so far,urs is are so innocent!!

Suji said...

It was interesting to read ur list...I have also just completed the same tag. And it was my first tag too. Ur dettol story was really funny....did you have a cold that come you did not smell dettol?

Srijith Unni said...

@ scribblez : You serious..? I don`t think they were that romantic.. however, yes, they might have been cute.

@ Marutham : Thanks for tagging me, in the first place. :-) Was able to learn more about myself.

@ sheetal : Yeah, I agree, maybe, i need to go back and look at refurnishing the details of the devil in me.. ;-))

@ Suji : You asked a very important question. Answer, is pretty simple. I was a little kid, back then and what mattered to me, was the colour alone. Coming right now to read yours..

Thanks for commenting, all!

Deepti said...

Really nice ur link from a friends post...
Still i didnt understand this tagging business..but it was nice to read so many things about you...some lines were really funny..

keep up d good work..

Srijith Unni said...

@ Deepthi : Now that I`ve done it, let me explain. Person 'A' writea about something and then tags 'B' and 'C'. and then B and C have to write about the same thing on their blog and then they tag someone else. Quite a game, I must say.

Thanks for coming by..!


Deepti said...


M sorry for sounding a bit dumb but still i didnt understand abt tagging... the word 'tag' implies a different meaning to us accountants...also m quite new to blogging, i think will understand the nuances only after sometime...

ur poems are well written..didnt get time to go thru all the pieces but will do surely..

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