Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Walk in the Dark

Photo By Bill Gekas, Courtesy -
An evening sky, filled with crimson hues
As the sun subsides in an earthly embrace
Colours, mere flaws of the human eye
All is black; is belief set right
Night is truth, darkness spreads the news

Crickets scream in blinded fear
And tiny friends crawl and creep
Strolling along on the dark tar road
Alone and calm, whispering to the wind
Imagine not, then there`s nothing to fear

Stubborn mind, inspired by the dark
Arrests haunting songs of the unseen
Lending sight to glimpses undesired
Every cracking twig, crystal clear, life so dear
Sweating in the cold, looking behind at the dark.

Hesitant, on every tread, cold yet hot
A tiny streak of silver light, head stands upright
From grey mystic clouds, the moon peeping in,
Drenched in moonlight, Dazzled by nature`s art,
I leap in joy, forever; shall fear not.



Hey, first time here!!! This oiece is awesome..Brings out some mystery of black and the night with so much simplicty....Very well written!!! :)

Dreamvendor said...

Lovely. The darkness... ending with that silver lining. Nice choice of words. Good one srijith.

Srijith Unni said...

@scribblez : Thanks a lot for your first visit, Do keep coming by.
and thanks for your appreciation.

@DV : It`s an honour. Thanks a Lot!

Curious said...

loved ur choice of words..interesting to see that u managed to drag cricket in tnhis too! well written:)

Srijith Unni said...

Hi curious,

YOu`ve got a cool name, 'curious'.. makes me really curious about you.

Thanks for the appreciation. BTW, the cricket here, is the insect called cricket, which makes that screeching noise @ night.


sheetal said...

hey unni,
thanx a ton!! 4 addin me 2 ur blogroll n also 4 helpin me solve the mystery of my missin comments.. ( 2 unravel that 1 check out my recent post) ;-)

also i somehow loved these lines

Colours, mere flaws of the human eye

Drenched in moonlight, Dazzled by nature`s art

Srijith Unni said...

Hi Sheetal,

Nice to know, that you`ve got more comments now. Quite a moment of joy.. isn`t it..? I still get the same happiness, when i receive a comment.

Thanks for liking those lines. Hope I get to write more such lines..


Maya Cassis said...

And yes,fear has to be conquered somehow:)
well done

anoop said...

just came across yr blog buddy!
amazing piece of writing...
yr words blew me away...
i love the
"Colours, mere flaws of the human eye..
All is black; is belief set right..."


Ram said...

Spellbinding - you catch the mood so effectively. Fear not. Ever.

Rock on Srijith!


Srijith Unni said...

@Maya : Thanks, and yes, fear was conquered, or rather forgotten in that moment of taking in nature`s beauty.

@Anoop : Thanks a lot for coming by. and hey, you`re a great photographer, Hope I get to use one of your pics, someday.. ofcourse courtesy.. Anoop ;-))

@ Ram : Thanks pal..! Yes.. like they say.. why fear when i`m here.. :-)))

Thanks for all your comments.

Gaurav Jain said...

When I read your post I could imagine myself standing on the beach just after sunset, looking up at the sky, and seeing the moon emerge from behind the clouds. Really lovely post, Srijith!

Marutham said...

HI Srijith,
Lovely post!Good choice of picture!!

PS:U have been blogrolled!

Srijith Unni said...

@ Gaurav : Thanks a lot! It`s so nice to know, that one`s writing can trigger other`s thoughts.

@ Marutham : Thanks a lot, marutham, for your appreciation and for blogrolling me.

Ajay said...

u painted a picture on the canvas of my mind
amazing yaar

Srijith Unni said...

@ Ajay : That was a great compliment.. That is exactly what all poets strive to do. Thanks for your praise and support.


ashok said...

beautiful words :)

Srijith Unni said...

@ Ashok : Thanks..!

passerby55 said...

nice poem.

it appears simple, yet remains a mystery,

when the sun touches
the horizon,and leaps into the sea,
the moon appears to smile
and takes the fear away.

colours are indeed; flaws of human eye...what appears dark is night; or maybe moonlight!


Srijith Unni said...

@passerby55 : THanks a lot for your appreciation and support.!

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