Monday, April 24, 2006

A Perennial Journey.!

My friend recently passed on this link to me.
BBC NEWS Business Business bites the blogging bullet
I asked him.. "Why? "
He replied " Because you are a blogger! "

Well!, went on to read the article. It is basically about how blogs can either bring down or boost the market for any business or a firm.

I really dont know whether I will do all that in the future. but sure feel privileged to be using this powerful medium.

All this reminds me of how I nervously started doing this 1 year back here.

If there`s something i`ve got out of this, it`s the rejuvenation of my mind and the winning of several friends.

Let that remain my sole accomplishment for now...!
Thank You All!

The journey continues...


Gaurav Jain said...

Well Srijeth, I can only Congratulate you on completing one year of blogging! Keep the thoughts coming!

Rauf said...

Unni ? Unni ?? No.... Unni Nair and Unni krishnan are the 2 Unnis i know, you are Unni No.3 for me

Strange today, pretty strange, was monkeying thru blogs, nothing to do, was posting comment on Sheetal's blog I found a minute ago, there were no comments for her post, after posting I found your comment already there, I think our comments clashed somewhere near Spencer's signals.

You seem to be a senior blogger. Salutes. these jokers couldn't find a better word, blogger sounds like a profession of dropping bombs on some poor godforsaken country. Blog blog blog DHISHOOOM !! I am a blogger.

Ahaa ! no word verification here too ! what a pane it is. good for me that I don't have to strain my old eyes and type silly meaningless words

Srijith Unni said...

@ Gaurav : Thanks a lot!. Actually though I started a year back, there were around 5 months, in between when I did not post. Just sort of remembered the date.

@ rauf :
"I think our comments clashed somewhere near Spencer's signals. "

" blogger sounds like a profession of dropping bombs on some poor godforsaken country. Blog blog blog DHISHOOOM !! I am a blogger.

lol! man Wow! either you are at your humorous best, or I don`t know you well and you are capable of more.

Senior Blogger..?! me.. no there are many senior to me, not just in duration but in ideas and thoughts, like Maya or Ram and many others. and many like you who are old by age and not by spirit. Your photos of birds are so spellbinding.



Hey...Happy birthday, blated to your blog-o-sphere!! You know I heard this debate on TV a few days ago regards blogging issues....They are concerned about the views expressed here as nothing is edited and misinformation is being spread which is harmful...:)

Srijith Unni said...

Thanks scribblez,
Yeah, it`s true bloggers do have a social responsibility.


Ram said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ram said...

Hey Srijith -

"rejuvenation of mind and the winning of friends"

That's the essence of life, pretty much! Well said!

Here's to a long and worthwhile presence on the blogosphere and beyond!


Srijith Unni said...

Thanks Ram, It`s nice to have well-wishers.

Deepak said...

Congrats on completing one year of blogging.

Srijith Unni said...

Thanks, Deepak. It`s not that I thought of it as a big achievement, like I said earlier, just happened to remember the date.


sheetal said...

hey did i jus hear err read my name there??
hav 2 say rauf's ( hope u rnt readin this rauf:) ) comments r kinda startlin..meandrin in some ways..but pretty intrestin :)

n unni congrats...heres hopin u wont disappear suddenly frm the blog world :)

Srijith Unni said...

@ Sheetal : No I won`t ..

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