Saturday, November 20, 2010

High on a bus

What to tell of ,the magic of alcohol
Or is it the debacle of society
Of what do I cry, along shall I fall,
In the madness, do I feel pity ?.

Rushed the bus, tickets flying around
Not a gap to breathe, too loud yet quiet.
Yet there rose an unseen voice, booming sound
"Roads are bad, he cheated us, right?"

"Idiots, you listen to all", he says
"He cheats you and yet you elect him"
Scoffing at the rulers, others gaze
Some guffaw, some gape, some adore him.

"She cheated me!", then the colourful tirade
Women frown, children deaf and more blush.
A bellow of grief and the voice did fade
The bus swerved along, still in a rush.

As his stop came, the priest stood
All those who laughed, in shock!
All sober, lending a hand good
Alighting, time froze on a clock!

What to tell of the mystique of spirit
Was it pity, guilt, surprise or doubt?
What state of human plight had fit,
The silence that the crowded bus, now spout?

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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Got Up.!

Even a simple thing like, checking email forwards, checking your facebook page requires a certain level of intelligence. Reading a book, you require to have a good imagination and build the world out of the characters you read to immerse yourself in it. To play a game, you need skill and concentration, be it cricket or a game of Super Mario on your Nintendo. You need to have some sense of Music and the taste to sway to it to listen to it. Little wonder then, that the Television came to be known as the Idiot box, which is why it became such an essential commodity. Should come with a tag line "No brains required!".

A self confessed "Idiot" and couch potato myself, I have had no qualms admitting that so far, because there are those moments when your watching the small television set, gives you it's moments. However on an unexpected long leave, when I sit in front of the television, I feel like I am one with the devil. When soap after soap gets played across every channel, I slowly started playing a game. The game, was that the moment the character in a T.V. series / reality show starts bitching or talks about killing someone, deceiving some one, I switch to another channel. Pretty soon I had exhausted all my channels, featuring prime time television serials.

Evil, as they say is the absence of good, and it is the presence of evil that makes the story interesting. The greyness of characters compulsorily lending that completion to the story arc. But all good stories need to come to an end. Here, when stories need to end good turns to evil and evil to good and the show goes on.

A tired couch potato got up and scrubbed itself!