Saturday, November 20, 2010

High on a bus

What to tell of ,the magic of alcohol
Or is it the debacle of society
Of what do I cry, along shall I fall,
In the madness, do I feel pity ?.

Rushed the bus, tickets flying around
Not a gap to breathe, too loud yet quiet.
Yet there rose an unseen voice, booming sound
"Roads are bad, he cheated us, right?"

"Idiots, you listen to all", he says
"He cheats you and yet you elect him"
Scoffing at the rulers, others gaze
Some guffaw, some gape, some adore him.

"She cheated me!", then the colourful tirade
Women frown, children deaf and more blush.
A bellow of grief and the voice did fade
The bus swerved along, still in a rush.

As his stop came, the priest stood
All those who laughed, in shock!
All sober, lending a hand good
Alighting, time froze on a clock!

What to tell of the mystique of spirit
Was it pity, guilt, surprise or doubt?
What state of human plight had fit,
The silence that the crowded bus, now spout?

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Varun said...

Good one :) ...
but not getting whom you are talking about

Srijith Unni said...

@Varun : Hi Varun, thanks for visiting and stopping to share.

This is basically about a drunkard who was on a bus, in which i was travelling. He kept shouting, politically incorrect, lewd things. Many of us at the back of the bus, smiling at his words. And yet I remember when he was about to get down, he looked so well-dressed and pious, that many of us fell silent, perhaps thinking about life, society and downfall, or the decline of our own moral standards. The poem is just an expression of this slice-of-life incident that happened to me in real life.

Nikanth Karthikesan said...

All prejudice should die

Sandeep Menon said...

Amazing,Sri! how do you find words to explain such a drab situation one comes across in the Urban India. The poem spoke volumes and the explanation made it clear... Truly, you should get your poems published one day.

sucheth. said...

great writing brother...

sucheth. said...

great writing brother.

Keshi said...

very deep stuff! Nice on Srijith. I guess there's so much to learn from & ponder upon by every experience *good/bad* isnt it? Great write-up.

A very merry Christmas & a great 2011 to ya!


PriPat said...

a paramount explanation!
lovely...! will follow ur blog!

Ash said...

Very good!

Happy Christmas to you and your loved ones!

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