Monday, May 28, 2007

Why I Sleep

Pic, by David Primer

Where do you run in such a hurry?
To the embracing arms of god,
Or to relish a feast, spread by the lord
Is there someone there to ferry?
To another bank of this mad river.

"Going Home", you say, and I stare
"What is home?", I've never known
"What do you do there?", I seek by my own
"It`s night!, I am going to sleep"
I died in laughter that day and my life long.

Slept, I have all this life, right here
On this solid ground, slept in peace.
No lack of mirth, in my hungry soul
No lack of bruises, on my lonely body
And, Slept I have in peace, right here.

"Why on the streets?", you demand to know
"Help yourselves", you seem to say
"Why, Where and How?", my eyes plead
Do you have the time to show me the way?
Poor Helpless soul, you simply walk away.

I roam by day, in search of shady trees
In between these huge palaces of stone
A shady place to sleep time and sun away
and then return to that old cold stone.
And to dream, looking at the mocking stars.

The sun slowly peeps at me, smiling
and I naughtily show my back to him
The world starts running around quickly
And tries to wake me up, but in vain
All I know and have, is my sleep galore.

These few lines, for those homeless friends, who sleep on the streets, these few lines, for our helplessness on seeing them. These few lines for their prayers and our reasons.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Tag to Wake Up.!

It hasn`t really been a conscious break from blogging, but was rather unable to find the time, to really sit and write something. When you have very little space up there in your mind, it is tough to squeeze in some time to think and write. Well!, that`s just what`s been happening to me.

Luckily, I have a tag to break the ice. Alex has just done it again.

I have to simply take a book, turn to page 123 and reproduce the fifth paragraph here. Well it`s as simple as that.! But Alas!, no book here.. Hmm.. Let`s see.. I have a lot of soft copies of books. Some well known and some lesser known.

I open one book by one. Some don`t have 123 pages, so i keep looking, which is not what the tag says. and after all books; I have many this way, so why not keep searching.

Ahh..ah. a book which has more than 123 pages. Good!. and perhaps not good enough. There are no paragraphs. It`s just one stretch of writing, something like how i used to write my exams!.

So i keep searching... and there I find another one. But the paragraph is just one line, and makes no meaning at all. Putting that up would be the most lame thing to do.. How can I do that.?

I keep opening and closing, opening and closing. Hmm.. at last, there i have it. It is not quite the 5th paragraph, but at least it`s on page 123.

The book is called "Why my wife thinks I am an Idiot", and it`s written by a genius called Mike Greenberg.
You don`t believe me..? Well then just look at what he says here...

You see, I’ve realized that the only answer is just to acknowledge defeat. Stop trying to fight it. Stop trying to say anything at a time when even silence may not save you. There is no answer, boys, and the sooner we make peace with that, the sooner we may actually find peace. The answer is to punt, even if you think it’s still first down. See if your defense can win it for you.

Now that`s what I call understanding of human psyche.!

Yippee..! A tag completed and a new post, done!.

and on my part, I also tag, Keshi, Hip Grandma, Starry, Sreejith and Kakshi