Monday, May 28, 2007

Why I Sleep

Pic, by David Primer

Where do you run in such a hurry?
To the embracing arms of god,
Or to relish a feast, spread by the lord
Is there someone there to ferry?
To another bank of this mad river.

"Going Home", you say, and I stare
"What is home?", I've never known
"What do you do there?", I seek by my own
"It`s night!, I am going to sleep"
I died in laughter that day and my life long.

Slept, I have all this life, right here
On this solid ground, slept in peace.
No lack of mirth, in my hungry soul
No lack of bruises, on my lonely body
And, Slept I have in peace, right here.

"Why on the streets?", you demand to know
"Help yourselves", you seem to say
"Why, Where and How?", my eyes plead
Do you have the time to show me the way?
Poor Helpless soul, you simply walk away.

I roam by day, in search of shady trees
In between these huge palaces of stone
A shady place to sleep time and sun away
and then return to that old cold stone.
And to dream, looking at the mocking stars.

The sun slowly peeps at me, smiling
and I naughtily show my back to him
The world starts running around quickly
And tries to wake me up, but in vain
All I know and have, is my sleep galore.

These few lines, for those homeless friends, who sleep on the streets, these few lines, for our helplessness on seeing them. These few lines for their prayers and our reasons.


Velu Nair said...

Profound is the word, Sree.

Seems like ages since I dropped by... and theres quite a lot that I hv to catch up with, i see...

Gawd! Hv been missing so much of goodness online... :)

Gud day!

vishesh said...

its touching....
it is for us to think
yet we are stupid.

KMF said...

nice one
have a great day

starry nights said...

Another very touching and moving poem.really b eautiful.

Sandeep Menon said...

Indeed thought provoking and so well can actually feel the pain in those words.

But there are a few souls on this earth who have overcome this 'helplessness' and gone ahead to help these 'truly helpless' people out of their misery.Hats off to them.

Keep the great work going.

Prash said...

All I know and have is sleep galore...wonderfully said. !!!

it sounds so me..during the weekends (the weekends when I don't go out partying...)

Srijith Unni said...

@Velu: Yes, velu, I too often get that feeling, when i browse around after a breakk! A hearty welcome back!

@Vishesh: Yes vishesh, we are very stupid at times.

@kmf: Thanks kmf, Welcome in here.. :-) Same to you.!

@Starry: Thanks :)

@Sandeep: Very true, sandeep. many go beyond that helplessness, and kudos to them. For the time being i am helpless and perhaps i need some guidance.

@Prash: Haa haa..! Me too prash!.. me too!

Jac said...

That was wonderful !!

Keshi said...

ur a very compassionate person Srijith!

That pic is a tear-jerker.


Nariyal Chutney said...

Sreejith , Couldnt help thinking about all those souls who make pavements their dwelling in Mumbai when I went through your lines . Touchy post !

Srijith Unni said...

@Jac : Thanks a lot..!!

@Keshi : Thanks Keshi..!

@NC: Yes, i`ve heard very much about how irony stares you in the face in Mumbai with the homeless and the filthy rich co-exist.!

Srividya said...

very touching verse. keep writing buddy :)

mathew said...

beautiful and intriguing piece..just emphasises how spilt the world is..a part which is all about
and another world which is just about a shade to sleep and a meal a day!!

Srijith Unni said...

@Srividya : Thanks a lot for those encouraging words. ! Will sure do..

@Mathew: Very True.! It sure is a strange world.!