Saturday, August 22, 2009

Those Three Apes

Wet lay the road, long and far
The chill of the rain, sinking in,
As the tires, screeched on the tar
The humming of the radio, kept within.

The path, comfortably winding ahead
No urgent urge, no answers to seek
Freedom, so sweet, so hollow in the head
The hills so steep, down from the creek.

Crying would have been easier,
Fighting tears back was the hardest
But crying meant to lose, life ever
Racing ahead, to put mind at rest.

Long down the road, stood a dark tree,
Staring at the retreating sun, from atop
Arms upon each others shoulders, sat; they three
Those three young apes, put life on stop.

As the hills grew dark, two climbed down
While one sat on top, with a broken ankle,
Like those old friends, waiting in town
Their arms they held, for their friend who did dangle

Down he jumped, not a sign of fear
All smiling, conquering every height
Every danger, left vanquished clear
Into their loving arms, ever so light.

As they walked, upon their legs;four
Tears had dried, suddenly everything small
Turning back, to knock on every door
To fight back at life, and to stand tall

At all those times, when life grew dark
Those three apes did come to mind
Every one's not always happy as a lark
And yet my two apes, I could always find.