Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Why am I tired ? Why the fatigue
As the world revolves and fights
Pity! Why do I simply sigh?
Why do I not seek my rights?

All oppressors have fallen they say
The greed of the wealthy on the streets
For what is right, as menfolk fight
Why? O Why do I keep my angst at bay

Seven Billion and counting we are
What shall become of my plight
For tired I am, there are mouths to feed
Setting aside for Tomorrow or afar

The corrupt are being brought to book
To pave the way for more at stake
How corrupt am I , I shalt not see
For tired I am, every corner and nook

Life is longer and longer I shall live
Alas! Longer must I save for the winters
As my tired soul fights for daily bread
Why despair, why grieve, spare and give

Have the fallen taught us more to know
Their fall was when in my eyes they saw
The sheer fatigue in my tired eyes
Of knowing all that they thought was there to know

The sheer fatigue of knowing all they got
and yet poorer than ever
and yet thinner than ever
For, to smile and cry, I might have forgot

In death, In spirit I know a tale
The old man in his lowly wooden house
He never cared about sky falling down
In his sad tired eyes, he never did fail.

Pic Courtesy : http://www.robwilson-images.com/