Monday, January 09, 2012

The Forgotten Journey

At vedagiri, atop the hillock
I wait and wait, where are thou ?
The wind sweeps the sand from the rock
Upon which I perch, will you join though ?

The trees whisper, that I wait in vain
The priests smile a sad old smile
Gone are the days, of soulful rain
When all hearts were pure, by a long mile.

Far ahead I see the sea, glowing bright
Empty skies, no sign of my winged friends
Won't you come and set my heart light ?
Let me relive the peace of bygone days ?

But then perhaps, you too have passed away
and for my sins, sadly let go of your lives
For mother nature's homes that I took away
What good is then, my ghee, sugar, wheat and rice ?

Sinners we are, so you do not visit the shrine
Or perhaps you are watching me from above
As I climb down the stairs, to my mortal grind
Along with all, I must say, you; we always did love.

It is with a tinge of sadness and with memories of a happy past that I recall the winged visitors of Thirukazhukundram. Their timely arrival and the feeding ritual, was one of the first eye-openers for me, as to how much nature has been a vital part of our culture and existence. It is with sadness, because today nature's mystical gifts are struggling to gain a foothold as Mankind dominates. Truly today the shrine stands as symbol of a golden bygone era.

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