Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My School

People say education begins at Home, I dont refuse. It is true. But once the big beginning is over, people need that extra baggage to carry them throughout their life. And my dad really wanted to give me the very best. And So he did!!!

I was taken to my school. The school, where I stayed on to study for my next 14 years. Phew!!
Life was always like those pleasant smelling red flowers outside my kindergarten building, they smelled good when I was happy and smelled nauseating when I was sad.

I was so homesick at school, that at school, I used to spend little time in the classroom and more in the toilet. I used to go with black trousers every morning and come back with big white trousers everyday.

Each day, getting back home was an achievement in itself. I used to feel like getting freedom after years of imprisonment.

I made a few friends then, but not enough to rely upon. My only friends were at my home. Those prayers to god in the evening, those cartoons on the Old Black and White "Solidaire" T.V.

Life was as simple as it would get.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Where was I Born ??

I was born to Mr. A.C.Kochunni and Mrs. Girija.K.Unni at Balaji Hospital among beautiful long Ashoka trees in Chennai.

My mother used to say that I used to be a very cute looking child and that she used to tie up my hair right on top, complete with a peacock feather. Those were really great times, I guess.
As a child, I do not have vivid memories of what I used to do then. I used to however remember the small yellow ball game, I used to play with my mother tossing them on the steps, very carefully so that I dont disturb the stout house owner having his mighty afternoon siesta downstairs.

My Father used to arrive at 6:00 pm in the evening, having a small snack and usually we went to the famed Elliots beach in Beasant nagar, Chennai. I was the first child on my mother`s side in my generation and hence the toys, ornaments etc. I received from my maternal uncles were always numerous.

It was around two years later, that my sister was born. She was named Shruthi meaning "Tune" or simply music.

Life was Perfect !!!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Just starting

This is my first blog, I am doing this after this has become some sort of great pastime of people all around the world. But I guess there is always much a lot of time to start.
I am A.Srijith. K. Unni, a simple soul from south India. I guess you are trying to find out what my name means. Well my full name is Ammasamveetil Srijith Kochunni. The first word is the name of my ancestral house in Kerala, India. Srijith is my name, it means "One who won the world" And the last word is my father`s name. Interesting aint it ??

Shall start with my life soon...