Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My School

People say education begins at Home, I dont refuse. It is true. But once the big beginning is over, people need that extra baggage to carry them throughout their life. And my dad really wanted to give me the very best. And So he did!!!

I was taken to my school. The school, where I stayed on to study for my next 14 years. Phew!!
Life was always like those pleasant smelling red flowers outside my kindergarten building, they smelled good when I was happy and smelled nauseating when I was sad.

I was so homesick at school, that at school, I used to spend little time in the classroom and more in the toilet. I used to go with black trousers every morning and come back with big white trousers everyday.

Each day, getting back home was an achievement in itself. I used to feel like getting freedom after years of imprisonment.

I made a few friends then, but not enough to rely upon. My only friends were at my home. Those prayers to god in the evening, those cartoons on the Old Black and White "Solidaire" T.V.

Life was as simple as it would get.

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