Tuesday, January 19, 2010

For Haiti

O' Gods of the jungle,
Have you spoken thus?
While our hungry children giggle
Rocking our torn boat, with all of us.

From the wet jungles we lived in,
To the dull green of vodoo drapes
Was this our sin, for all kith and kin?
Or the desert, without snakes and apes.

Of all the power the riches have,
Life and time were never there.
Weren't the few who did save
Also in mourning, everything bare.

For Mother Earth, never could see,
the suffering of her chosen sons
She chose to writhe in all misery
And swallow their lives, all at once.

Let from the ashes, new lives rise
Let from the rubble, rise alive
All things lost, and flowers and rice
May all souls lost, come alive

As cruel as it is to still have hope
For the surviving thousands who still grieve
Let's hope against hope
That all in Haiti, shall in peace, live and leave.

In remembrance of the thousands who lost their lives in Haiti.