Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Where is Home

Where is my home ?
Where should I stay
Amidst the vines, I try to roam
But there is no space, every other day

In hunger and thirst, laws we forget
In despair, I cross the forbidden lines
Like me, my prey too is cast in a net
Built with desperation and strong dry vines

I venture into the unknown, take and flee
O' Lord of the jungle, punish me for my sin
I accept my death, with tears not for me
But for you, who's impending death is spreading in

For my brothers, who are still naive
For my prey that I left without you
For the human kind, for their peace they strive
Jungle Lord, how do I tell them, same is their tale, without you

As my blood spills, and eyes cloud
I roared and looked at the crowd
O' Jungle Lord, where shall be my home ?
Where is home ? Where is home ?

Cross-posted from Qyuki.com A few Lines for the deceased...