Friday, December 07, 2007

Lost in a Dream

He was always different, always in a dream, lost in his own world, lost in his own thoughts, his own emotions. Though seemingly cheerful, he was a sheep who`s inner self was yet to be revealed to the world.

While the other sheep were being led safely by the shepherd through the narrow forest path, he only seemed to be walking along with them. His feet led him to the forest though. The woods seemed to beckon to him, they seemed eager to embrace him in it`s long green arms, with deep dark delightful secrets to be shared.

And thus he walked long and hard, lost in himself, every leaf, every bark, every trickling of light, picture perfect, lost in his own paradise, in his own dreams, he walked and walked and after a long such tireless, timeless walk, sat down to rest under a red wood tree. As the trickling sunlight slowly started to fade and die among the towering branches and boughs, the woods grew darker and cold, wild flowers bloomed and an enchanting fragrance spread through the woods. Small creatures of the forest sprang to life and the whole forest was suddenly illuminated in the splendid lustrous presence of the dancing fireflies. Slowly the fragrance and the soothing murmuring of the beetles and birds lulled him to sleep.

And then it happened, that rude awakening, to life`s realities as he was prodded sharply at the back, barked at by the big dog as he was led along the farm. The dreams were always the best part of his life, a life he wished he could have had, a life he yearned like mad, without, which his soul remained sad. He walked slowly along with the others.

Life was short, and the world remained to be explored, but still, he belonged to two worlds in his mind, and wished to explore both, his world of dreams and the small real world outside. He let the others walk, while he slowly entered another world. In case he was lost again, there remained the shepherd, the other sheep, the whole world outside. So he walked on and dreamt on...

P.S : I`ve been missing from this wonderful world of blogs, where there are wonderful tales, wonderful figments of imagination and poetry and a wondrous utopian society, because in the hectic race in this world outside, due to reasons unknown and best forgotten, I forgot to dream.! Here`s putting in my best effort to move on...

Let the journey continue... Warm greetings to all..!
Pics courtesy :, Painting - "Moonlit Sheep" by Susan Westwood