Friday, July 06, 2007

Imprisoned yet Inspiring.

Burma is a small country, so near India and culturally influenced by India. Burma has not made a great mark on the world economically or perhaps historically. But still it is this country which has produced one of the most shining modern examples of Non-violence, an ideology, a feeling which I could proudly claim originates from India.

Though she grew up in Burma Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is no stranger to India. She completed her college education in New Delhi, before moving to oxford, marrying in New York and returning to Burma.

She is one of the primary torchbearers, who is struggling to bring back democracy to her country, against a tyrant military rule, which has kept her under house arrest, for all these years even until today. Her fault, is only that she wants to form a people`s government for her nation, to provide equal rights and freedom of expression, or in other words she is struggling to provide true freedom for her brethren. Inspite of all major nations in the world requesting and even demanding her release, it has not so far been granted due to the hugely complicated military politics in this small nation of Burma.

Her story is one of those struggles and sacrifices, which only a person of great will-power and commitment can really exhibit. Her husband, in New York was diagnosed with prostrate cancer and was not allowed to enter Burma. The tyrannical military rulers told her that if she left to meet her husband, then it will be on the condition, that she must never again return to Burma. The strong woman, that she is, she stayed back for her motherland. She never met her husband later, and he passed away in 1999, in New York.

This is my tribute to this strong lady of the modern era. I am just trying to imagine what her message must have been to her husband`s departing soul in these following lines.

My dear loved one, I had to stay
Hand in hand, we walked to the sun,
But today you left me behind far away
Very Far away,my duties undone

Alone, I am in the midst of fire,
Far away, you lend me your spirit and soul
As you depart, I am not near your pyre
Tears, I bite and hold, for my goal

Wherein are my duties, I shan`t say
My mother; In me she sees light and hope
Your memories will haunt me every day
Split in soul, In darkness I grope.

My prayers for you, my beloved,
Among the clouds, i will join you soon
Will share all sweet secrets, left unsaid
Wait for me, when there is freedom at Rangoon.

In the hope that this great lady will not just secure her own freedom, but that she will continue to fight despite her 62 year old frail body and secure the freedom of her motherland as well.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Thinking Blogger!

Thinking is one thing we all do a lot, and it is a wonderful exercise for the mind. But I myself never used to think so much about life, about the world around me, and so many other things which a normal human being can think about. Either I was too lazy all this while or lacked the initiative. Today if I even think a little, my complete gratitude does to this world of blogs, all my friends I have found here, and the wonderful insightful posts you have written from time to time.

All bloggers certainly make me think in one way or the other, because it is an idea which you are sharing, a question which you arise, or a wondrous talent that you exhibit. I have been given this Thinking Blogger Award, by these two other immensely thoughtful blogger friends. Hip Grandma and Ardra. Both of them, bloggers themselves who have made me think a lot.! Hip Grandma, for her treasures, which she shares from her experience and Ardra for those musings which really can drown us in thoughts all over the mind. They truly deserve this award, and it`s great that they`ve already been rightfully awarded.!

So, going ahead, the task is to recognize those people who`s blogs have made me think a lot.! So here goes...Like I said earlier i could just direct you to my blogroll, but that wouldn`t be proper so limiting it to five.

* Priya - ( A real taskmaster for a thinking exercise )
She writes short posts with such sheer energy, energy which even I don't have to read them completely. But one thing is for sure.! Any post she writes, they are so ornamented with those beautiful thoughts, those queries about every small facet of life that one just cannot move on without stopping to think.! Keep Writing Priya!. I know you`ve already been awarded this, but you truly deserve one more..!

* Alex - The Philosopher/Economist/ Art Enthusiast. Alex writes with conviction about Life, Art, and philosophy inspired from both. We`ve had differences, have agreed on certain facets of life and overall it has been an enriching experience totally. He really sets me thinking a lot of times..!

* Marthyan ( Poet, Raconteur )
Marthyan a.k.a. Vinod pens some brilliant poems and stories mostly and they are more than often instantly thought provoking.! Many times his posts have inspired me to write some of my own.!

* Seema ( Elegant Poetess )
I reproduce some of her lines here, from her poem "In Love`s Paradise..."
Passion like a song,
Written of heart and soul,
Never ending notes,
Striking unknown emotions,

Simple and exquisite!. They are truly worth a read. Since I love poetry, I truly have become a fan of hers, making me think about how such lines flow..

and finally last but not the least...
* Velu ( An artist who paints with words and sings with verses )
His blog, the Kaleidoscope is truly beautiful, with it`s images and his writing is very articulate and lyrical in quality, but beyond all that there, are thoughts and expressions in every post, which are greatly inspiring and have acted as a catalyst for my own thought process. I remember, one of his posts, where he wrote about meeting a friend at an old age home, which made me think of it days at end.! I did eventually write this poem. The inspiration truly had to come from Velu.

There are surely names which I might have missed. Like I already said, all of you who write blogs do make me think one way or the other. So if you feel that you know of someone who has made you think, then go ahead and talk about them, because i`m sure, that as long as you`re blogging you`re making someone think.!