Friday, July 06, 2007

Imprisoned yet Inspiring.

Burma is a small country, so near India and culturally influenced by India. Burma has not made a great mark on the world economically or perhaps historically. But still it is this country which has produced one of the most shining modern examples of Non-violence, an ideology, a feeling which I could proudly claim originates from India.

Though she grew up in Burma Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is no stranger to India. She completed her college education in New Delhi, before moving to oxford, marrying in New York and returning to Burma.

She is one of the primary torchbearers, who is struggling to bring back democracy to her country, against a tyrant military rule, which has kept her under house arrest, for all these years even until today. Her fault, is only that she wants to form a people`s government for her nation, to provide equal rights and freedom of expression, or in other words she is struggling to provide true freedom for her brethren. Inspite of all major nations in the world requesting and even demanding her release, it has not so far been granted due to the hugely complicated military politics in this small nation of Burma.

Her story is one of those struggles and sacrifices, which only a person of great will-power and commitment can really exhibit. Her husband, in New York was diagnosed with prostrate cancer and was not allowed to enter Burma. The tyrannical military rulers told her that if she left to meet her husband, then it will be on the condition, that she must never again return to Burma. The strong woman, that she is, she stayed back for her motherland. She never met her husband later, and he passed away in 1999, in New York.

This is my tribute to this strong lady of the modern era. I am just trying to imagine what her message must have been to her husband`s departing soul in these following lines.

My dear loved one, I had to stay
Hand in hand, we walked to the sun,
But today you left me behind far away
Very Far away,my duties undone

Alone, I am in the midst of fire,
Far away, you lend me your spirit and soul
As you depart, I am not near your pyre
Tears, I bite and hold, for my goal

Wherein are my duties, I shan`t say
My mother; In me she sees light and hope
Your memories will haunt me every day
Split in soul, In darkness I grope.

My prayers for you, my beloved,
Among the clouds, i will join you soon
Will share all sweet secrets, left unsaid
Wait for me, when there is freedom at Rangoon.

In the hope that this great lady will not just secure her own freedom, but that she will continue to fight despite her 62 year old frail body and secure the freedom of her motherland as well.


vishesh said...

its like people like this who keep the world awake...:)

Deepak said...

You don't see people like her very often.
She has been an epitome of selfless persistence for the entire world.

Beena said...

havent heard of Aung Saan Suu before. but wheni read about her, i felt bad. she might have been a devoted lady, lived for her motherland.
"My prayers for you, my beloved,
Among the clouds, i will join you soon
Will share all sweet secrets, left unsaid
Wait for me, when there is freedom at Rangoon."
Beautiful lines.... words left unsaid..among the words she said.

mathew said...

amazing lady she is...!!very few political figures remain in the world whom we can look up at with conviction!!..unfortunately the world doesnt care anymore about her struggles!!!

Nanditha Prabhu said...

your poem was very touching!
She is a rare and blessed soul! who has the will power to live for a cause and her dream!

starry nights said...

These people are just special and smetimes I wonder where they get this strength from.really admirable.

priya said...

I wish her wait is not too long and ends sooner for better freedom.

A beautiful tribute SriJ.

Sreejith Kumar said...

Things have developed to such a situation that she stands as a synonym for Burma... A good post man..

Keshi said...

what an inspiring lady!


Hip Grandma said...

Your poem was most appropriate.TCould have well been the lady's words.

Marthyan said...


Amazing the way your poems shed a meaning to things in this world

Your poems I feel are more honorable than mine because it speaks of the actions and emotions that touch the masses.

We had a baby boy in March and I am still busy with the usual Daddy day care stuffs. Will put some of his picture and soon start penning

take care my friend

Kalyan said...

A nice tribute to this iron-lady...we pray she can succeed in her vision for her country.

Jac said...

That is really a commendable tribute.
Congrats sree.

Srijith Unni said...

@Vishesh: Truly.! They keep inspiring..!

@Deepak: Yes, Deepak, I hope her persistence pays off, and her life becomes the greatest moral lesson of all time.

@Beena: Yes her story is as sad as is inspring. Thanks for the visit.! :)

@Mathew: Yes, it seriously seems to have forgotten all about her.! The situation in burma is also not helping much.

@Nanditha Prabhu : Thanks Nanditha.! Yes such people inspire us to take up our own struggles with renewed vigour.

@Starry: It`s so nice to see you.. yes truly wondrous how they`re able to get such strength.

@Priya : Me too priya, me too..!

@Sreejith: Yes sadly the same burma is not doing enough for her.

@Keshi: Very much inspiring.! :)

@Hip Granma: Yes, I was trying to imagine, what she would have thought or felt in those difficult times.

@Marthyan : First of all, Congrats Marthyan on becoming a father.! I wish the best of health and happiness for your family. and talking about poems, i would say all poems touch masses in some way or the other.! :)

@Kalyan: thanks a lot!, Kalyan.! She will surely need the prayers.!

@jac: Thanks a lot, Jac.! :)

Mr.Pooh said...

Dear Bro, I a student from Myanmar (Burma), but now in Singapore. I really feel wonderful and impressive your post and thank you so much for paying kind attention on our Nation Hero, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. We all Burmas are wishing for her freedom and please let me request you people to pray for her.

Lotus Reads said...

Hello, Srijith

What a moving tribute to one of my all-time heroes, Aung San Suu Kyi and it feels all the more poignant after recently seeing the Monks marching for democracy in Burma, with her banner flying high.

I am truly very happy to have come across your blog. Your posts are beautiful and your blog has such a nice, aesthetic feel to it. I will visit often.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. That was very beautiful.

CMS said...

thank u very much for this valuable post coz: I'm also a myanmar and Daw Su is one of my hero.