Monday, October 31, 2005

Iqbal.. the movie i saw in the weekend.

This weekend, I saw the movie "Iqbal". Though I love movies, I dont think, i could really do justice in telling the whole story of Iqbal. I haven`t really been happy with all the skin flicks or the other movies, which have been recently been made in Hindi. Neither am I a great cricket enthusiast. In fact I watch only when India and Pakistan play each other, and that too only One-Day matches. I dont really understand test cricket.

Anyway, I guess I`m rather moving away... Talking about the movie, the story is quite a simple story of how a determined mute and dumb youngster(Shreyas Talpade) makes it the Indian Cricket Team, by his sheer practice and with the help of his unconventional coach (Naseerudin Shah), one of the finest actors i have seen.

But as I told you, while watching the movie, there were two moments when my eyes were filled with tears... One of them, was when the boy Iqbal refuses to take a gift from a relative, on seeing which the little sister(portrayed brilliantly by Shweta Prasad.. I just love this little girl.. ) also follows suit. Iqbal, then sits with his sister for sometime. He then motions her to go accept her gift. She hugs him happily.. The little sacrifices, we make and how much we value other`s emotions...!!! I was over awed...

The second scene was when Iqbal gets dismissed from the cricket academy for breaking, a boy`s head, the way the little sister comes home and hugs her mother.
How much we suffer for other`s tribulations and sufferings. How these moments define, that loved ones are not others. They are all part and parcel of us..

With all gratitude to Nagesh Kukunoor, for making this film, I did not feel interested in Cricket, one bit, but this film has lent me a new insight into the world of human emotions and pure love. I guess i must be missing my own sister, but I am leaving tonight to Chennai, my home. So no Complaints.!!!!

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