Thursday, October 27, 2005

Rain.. Pleasure or Pain.!!!

Ever since my childhood, I have admired rain, with lots of pleasant memories, and the pure joy of eating fresh hot bajjis with filter coffee during the heavily raining monsoon in Chennai used to be a wondrous experience.
Rain is always welcomed, with joy, by all the fauna and flora, peacocks dance with joy, in a brilliant show all their colours..
Children jumping over the puddles and putting their craft skills at their best in making those tiny paper boats which are then proudly set to sail in these small oceans..
In the villages, famine hit and strife torn, rain is like a marvellous blessing from Lord Indra, accepted with great content hearts, by the farmers and other souls.. The song.. "Ghanan Ghanan" in Lagaan truly inspired by the great joy of the coming rain.

But Today rain is not really a blessing. In today`s cities, amidst all those huge skyscrapers and man-made dwellings. Rain spells Pain..

The number of houses flooded, the number of lives lost, the number of vehicles submerged, the number of drains left open, under the floods.Today rain is dreaded everywhere, and now while newspapers flash stories, of Bangalore, the Silicon Hub of India being flooded in water, people dissent rain and curse it..

But of course god never created rain, for it to fall on buildings, vehicles etc. When God created rivers, he never envisioned dams.. or if he did know of this kind of a future.. He has just assumed I guess, that Man will finally let better sense prevail over him.

Rain, I still love you a lot.. Little Johnny still wants to play.. though little johnny now works in some software firm which may get flooded today or tomorrow, and little johnny`s work may get hindered, but lets` just hope rain reminds little johnny to play.

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