Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Anger... If we could stop thee

Anger, is one great evil, which has the power to beget an entire life of contempt, hatred and suffering. It not only spoils the health, but also is very much capable of soiling the state of the mind as well.
It is no wonder then, that how control of one`s temper, is a mighty accomplishment.
We all know, the story of Isaac Newton and his dog "Diamond" when, Diamond had upset a candle over Newton`s years of thesis. Newton, just calmly remarked "Diamond, Thou little knowest what damage thou hast done".. It is a man of great patience, a man of great power over his temper, who has said this. And justifiably, he has been one of the all-time greatest scientisits we`ve ever known.
I myself have been unable to control, my temper, at the most silliest of concerns, but it is also true that I have regretted, these moments of helplessness over my own mind and it`s ripples.
Here, I blog a poem titled "Temper Lost", which I had once written in a moment of such helplessness.

Life turns wayward, as clouds gather,
Lightning spells havoc, as minds whimper
Cries go unheard amidst, Thunder Strong
Shelter!! Shelter!! Run for Shelter!!

Oceans panic and lions retreat,
Wars cease and snakes coil.
Food goes waste as hunger diminished by fright;
Darkness!! Darkness!! , In my search for Light.

With nine lives, a cat hides,
With cracking jaws, alligators slump and lie,
Mystic Terror, runs a ghostly race.
Snails and Sloths keep up the pace.

Until now, a solid ground, a carrying bowl,
Shakes and yearns for revenge of soul.
"Nature is in Turmoil", says the wise Owl
Time to heal, Time to keep On a roll....