Thursday, November 10, 2005

Reading.. A Habit so challenged, yet Strong.

Reading books is one habit, one pastime, which many people enjoy, and some truly cherish. There is nothing more enlightening and refreshing than reading a good book.
I sometimes feel distressed for not being able to find enough time to read all those thousands of brilliant writings and books out there. I myself aspire to be a writer, and therefore am sure that reading some thousand books, will surely add a lot to my persona.
In fact one lifetime, is truly not enough or exhaustive for reading the amazing wealth of literature out there. I still remember, the happiness, the anticipation, on getting a new 'Tinkle' or a new 'Gokulam' or a new 'Chandamama' to read.
Thereafter as children grow older, we used to be fed with the likes of Enid Blyton, Charles Dickens, R.L.Stevenson and the likes.
Many may even move on to read "Mills & Boon", as they near adolescence. And today, in this age where knowledge of "Harry Potter", is like a minimum requirement for children, I truly yearn for those old days, when as children, due to lack of books, we used to search in the old attics and find even Older "Non-Detail" books and Text Books with wondrous stories, with great aplomb.
Interest in books is triggered at a very young age by the interest in the stories, told by the grandparents and other members of the family. It blooms into a thirst to know more and learn more by ourselves.
Today in the little time, I get, when I read a "John Grisham" or Short Story of Tagore, I still feel the thirst in my heart, in my head to read, read and swallow more.
As Technology progresses, the world saw the growth of television, internet, mobile phones... God alone knows what it will be next.. But Books have remained and shall always remain..
Recently the onslaught of "Harry Potter" has triggered an interest in books again for the tiny tots. I, myself am not a very avid fan of J.K.Rowling and have not had the opportunity or the interest to read an Harry Potter book, somehow...
But, my love for books and stories have not receded.. I hope to read.. I hope to live more so that I can read more...

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