Friday, November 11, 2005

Gift me a dream

I generally seem to like to put pictures on my blog, I dont know whether it is to make things colourful, but having a picture always lends it more sophistication I guess.
Today Morning I had a dream, A dream of the beautiful countryside, where two children walk, and reach a big house. There the boy, who was supposedly elder, took the little girl inside the house and introduced her to another small little girl equally beautiful. They become great friends.. but sadly I did not sleep enough to see more blurred images of them playing together along some blue flowing river or making small paper boats and setting them to sail, or buying colourful ribbons along with the big brother at the country fair.
Man, in his sub conscious state can travel to the most exotic destinations, speak to the most legendary people in history, fall in love with gorgeous ladies who have graced the silver screen, and always return home as well.
Dreams seem to have a strange existence and differing impressions on the memory as well.
Some we remember, some we do not like to remember , some we cherish but forget.
As my brain cells churn at mind`s pace, and toil all day.. I can feel mind yearning for some rest, some time to slow down.
And before I go to sleep, I tell my mind, do take rest, but as dawn nears, please please...
Gift me a dream....

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