Monday, November 07, 2005

Is Marriage, a Visa to Sex.

Marriage is just a ritual. Yes! What has lovemaking got to do with marriage?? This is the argument of most progressive minded individuals. I would say, nothing wrong with it.

It is only when two people love each other a lot, when they wish to become, one both in body and spirit, it is at that instant of that time that they decide to unite for life.
It is this love and willing to live together, that culminates in sex.
So, do we actually need a ritual called marriage to legalise things, for fear of society.??
I know that this is the question that must be lingering on your minds right now.
I would ask, what is the disadvantage in just registering your love for each other, with a goverment body.
It is just a way of showing the world how much you love each other.
There is of course nothing wrong, if you have decided that, you will be spending the rest of your lives together, to have a little pre-marital sex. But if you are indulging in something, which has no long-term standing, no real love, then why take the pain.. Without love, it is not pleasure, but just pain.
You will detest it, once it`s all over. If we were just like animals, then this whole wonderful concept of a 'Family' would never have been evolved. Man, would never have grown into such a wonderful creation.

It is his/her power to think and analyze that has crafted this society.

It is his/her power to reason out that has differentiated between good and bad.

But when generation of humans grow, they keep questioning and counter-analyzing.
When they look upon the society as it exists, they yearn for change.
They yearn to break from the orthodox.

In an instance of progressive thinking, they forget to realize, that they may be starting to repeat the cycle all over again, by returning to pre-historic ways.

Marriage is not just a ritual, or a visa to sex.
It should be treated as a solemn agreement, the official bonding of two individuals in society.
It should be treated as a means to bind different individuals into a fabric called society.
If not for such machinations, all people, would move in haphazard directions.
Today, if there is a concept of 'Universal Brotherhood or Sisterhood', surely marriage has had it`s role to play toward this.

To the many people, who have counter arguments, i have only one thing to say..
" ...If you want to indulge in a physical relationship, without commitment, very well go for it.
but dont ridicule the institution of marriage"..
I repeat dont treat marriage as a visa to sex.

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