Monday, November 14, 2005

Getting past the Cold.

Of all the diseases I`ve so far endured, The Common Cold, is perhaps the most prolific villain. It stresses you upto the point of irritation. Simple as it may seem, it can give you sleepless nights.

I have had a cold last weekend, and I tell you it was really one hell of a weekend. With Cold, you cannot venture out into the cold outdoors of hyderabad.

I have had to spend my time in the weekend with this sickening cold, so I picked up a book of Sherlock Holmes and kept reading it through the weekend.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has really been a great crasftsman in creating these characters so believably, that I was marvelled. Each of the stories actually take you to the scene of the crime and can actually keep you hooked to the book.

I myself have never been a great observer, but let`s see whether I become one after completing the two volumes.

Meanwhile, I guess I myself havent been doing much.
I went and registered my blog in
indibloggers. It seems to be a collection of different blogs by indians all over the world. It`s nice to know that people can actually organize such forums.

I actually even came across another
blog. Looks like there are lots of people who check it out. The blog on TOI( Times of India..Phew!!) was rather enlightening about how people use even calamities to boost their business. But ultimately the truth is that a good businessman sees a business opportunity in every nook and corner.

I had the chance to check out this website called
SimilarMinds. They ask a few questions and tell which Classic Movie I am.. Quite Amusing.. It seems I am a movie called "Sunset Boulevard". Have heard of this one, but I`ve never seen it. So I dont really know whether it is all so true.
Details Below.

People keep inventing such things.. and they should do it.. Otherwise Internet would long ago have become monotonous.