Monday, November 21, 2005

A Melodrama called Life

Recently I have been wondering whether my blog has primarily been a snapshot of all the good things i have come across in my life. Except a few questions and arguments here and there, I found my observation being correct to a great extent.

Life, is more like Dal Lake( in pic) It is a classical place of beauty and charisma and yet, it is also embedded with the most dark and sinister acts of human nature.

Recently I happened to read an article in 'The Hindu' magazine, which talks about how small children near the Pakistan border of Kashmir are trained to handle weapons, throw grenades and the like. There were many stories of how many of them led a life of slavery, washing utensils used by the terrorists, being used as human shields, in cases of encounters. Oh! Lord how I detest this pitiful existence of mine..!! How powerless I am, What can I do..???
People sometimes remark that there are great changes happening in the society.. and that there are certain problems with the transition, but still, the basic challenges faced are the same as earlier and life too remains the same.

Even today many people die of hunger, many die due to road accidents, due to natural calamities, but of course death itself is natural and I needn`t complain, but why out of hunger, Why is the world not powerful enough so as to satisfy Man.

But again, am I not just whining and what help will it do, if I am just going to vent my anger out here on this blog. What purpose will it serve...?

In the great epic, 'Mahabharatha', Kunti prays to Lord Krishna, that she may always have sorrow, so that she is always reminded of God. Actually there is a great revelation in this. It actually clears the fact that sorrow is part and parcel of life.. But arguments apart, all those NGO`s who do good work, those occasional great human beings who go all the way to do some good for a cause, unlike me who just hasn`t done anything yet, but just blog about it so. If it were not for them, I wouldn`t have had hope.

Let me devote myself to a social cause... That should be my chance for a refreshing dip in Dal Lake. I do not want to purify myself of my own sins, rather let me absorb the sorrow so that I may soothe the tearful millions.