Monday, December 05, 2005

What do we learn...?

Well!, what does this image on the left show..?
Does it show a beautiful woman..?? Do you see one..? Well I see in it an India, I see in this image a market-driven India, I see in it a customer-oriented India. Our nation is booming, in the service sector..
and this beautiful lady represents this optimistic growth of a nation to provide service, assurance and value to thousands of worried customers.
But what more do we see in this lady..?? We see a different life.. We see a nocturnal cycle.. We see her going home in a cab as dawn nears, after her work.
Demands have surged up, prices increase daily and people ask for more. So it`s all right if we work more for more money..?? Nowadays, people do not need a solid get a job in a call center. Even students who have just passed their high school can go and get a job. All they need to do is be proficient in speaking good english. To Hell with Education.. !!! When you get 20,000 per month just after your schooling. Then why go for higher studies.
But my intentions are not to malign the BPO sector, in any way, but to ask for more competitive evaluation and corporate practices in the BPO sector. To maintain a minimum qualification and a minimum age limit. My effort is to ask for more value to the job.
I sometimes ask myself, whether I myself am living life to the fullest as a software engineer. I like to write, I like to play with words, with poetry... then why am I working here..?? Isn`t it for money again, to make ends meet and ultimately to be respected. I also have my own duties and so I do this job, apart from whether I like it yet or not. ( This is in consideration of all those bloggers, who are also Software Engineers who unleash their creative energies on their own respective blogs.)

Having so talked about the service sector, it is even more painful to look at the plight of those who are most learned. Today students of science are a confused lot. There are too many options and it is not an easy world out there for them.

Unlike the earlier days, it is not all that glorious to be a professor. Today students have to take pains, to put in enormous amount of hardwork, if they are to make it big in the world of science. They have to be prepared to study until they are atleast thirty, before they make a life for themselves, and most of them retire to a lesser thought-of life.

Science lost it`s sparkle, Tomorrow it could be something which is booming today, but hope tells me that some day, everything would stabilize and become good, but again my mind questions me behind my back.

How long..? How many ..? Only time will tell....

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