Monday, December 19, 2005

Clarity in philosophy, religion and utlimately God.

It has been a long time since i`ve really been able to update my blog, and I`m very much determined to do it today.
This post especially has been remaining a draft, for quite some time now.

Today, while just glancing through the newspaper, I came across an article about how the number of atheists in the city of hyderabad has increased ten-fold in around two years. I must say, this also sparked the interest in me to publish this post today itself.

Religion, Belief in God, etc, are all fundamentally speaking a manifestation, of how much we`ve discovered ourselves. Ultimate religion and belief in god arises, when one has the power to be philosophical and analyze the mythology, the customs, the rituals, to finally define himself/herself, our existence in the huge world and ultimately realize what the concept of God means, or why it is necessary.
The 'Gita', is the encapsulation of all the philosophy embedded in the Hindu way of life and provides competent ideas, which help a lot in our quest for the truth.
" Do thy duty selflessly, do not
have expectations"
This is one philosophy of the Gita, which is most well-known and has also been in several forms argued against and even triggered lots of debates. During my days in my college, there used to be a professor, who used to argue, that doing duties without expectations, is meaningless and that every work is done well, only if we expect something out of it.
But, I do not believe, that duties are only done, because we expect something, or in other words, we do not do our duties expecting something in return or it could also be a virtue to be selfless and perhaps in today`s materialistic world, it may not have it`s due importance. But haven`t we seen parents struggling to give their children a good life. Haven`t we seen mothers wincing in pain to give birth to a child, struggling to teach the child to lead a proper life. Haven`t we seen people rushing out to help each other in times of natural calamities. What could they have expected in return..??
Money.? Fame and Recognition ?? Tax Benefits..??? No!, it just doesn`t make sense to neglect this virtue, because on it resides the entire goodness of humanity
"Whatever has happened, has happened for the good.
Whatever is happening, is happening for the good. Whatever will happen, will
also happen for the good."
This ideology can be looked upon as something which is cruelly optimistic, but believe me, in the long run, most often people realize that these words are true and add a lot of meaning to life. Today, when we speak of something which we feel bad about, it influences your life, your character, your outlook about life and tomorrow when we look back, we feel those moments have actually been valuable to us, because, we have learnt something, or experienced something, which shall help you to steer clear of any complexities in the future and that is good.. A bit confusing, but that`s what philosophy is all about. The greater the confusion, the greater is the urge to clear our minds and learn more. There are lots of stories to illustrate, this philosophy, but for the time being, i`m too lazy to post, and this is also good because, that way you venture out to seek the truth yourselves..
Atheists say they do not believe in god, and all the time, believe in some strong philosophy, have faith in some conventionally non-religious ideals, be it communism or Marxism. What they do not realize is that faith, philosophy and virtuous ideals are the real manifestation of god`s presence in humanity.
The Gita, is like a diamond. It sparkles, in different colours for different people. But if you do not see any light, it is not because, the Gita is lackluster or false. It is because we are blind or haven`t taken the trouble to open our eyes.
Here, the Gita, is just indicative of religion and spirituality and philosophy. These facts are all applicable, be it the Bible or the Holy Quran.


Chaos And Order - "Satheesh" said...

There is nobody who can stay without a "belief" in something.. in fact atheists' are the best people who promote the idea of "God"..!

What do you think about this..? :-)

"Life is an eternal blunder"

Srijith Unni said...

Hi Satheesh,

Yes, atheists do promote the idea of God. Almost all the time, they are people who believe in some other ideology very strongly.
They do not believe in God, but by way of faith, in something good, god always manifests in them.

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