Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tears of Mother Earth.

It`s World Environment Day.! What`s the big deal.? So many such days come and go by. We don`t really either celebrate them or observe them as required, then why now.?

. Because this day could now be the best possible reminder for us about what we need to do to save our home, which we haven`t stopped to clean and nurture as we should be doing.

. Today I came across this page about some places in India, which have been grossly affected by our lack of appropriate discipline or sense of responsibility. This day must serve to remind us that this list must not get better, must not get worser.

. One of the most difficult and citical problems is the huge amounts of waste we produce, and our visibly evident inability to process them. At Calicut, I remember how I heard and later saw a famous plot of ground. Famous, it was because the land could no longer be inhabited. All the waste, from homes, industries, hospitals were dumped upon this piece of poor earth. The effect was simply devastating to say the least. The whole ground, and the sky above turned black, spreading a very foul odour and sickening to the stomach. How would poor Mother Earth alone bear this.?

. She`s dying, and in return for all she`s given us, like how we would look after our own mother if she was not doing well, we must look after mother earth too. In many ways this day is more important than Mother`s Day, because this is Mother Earth`s Day, a day to remind us that we must nurse the mother of all mothers back to health.


vishesh said...

well well i am back from kodai and guess what it too is affected...a lot of trees have been cut and the place looks bald...and it wasn't even cold!

priya said...

A good post SriJ. Wish every child is taught to plant a tree and learn the importance of air, water and land.

starry nights said...

I think its time we took care of our planet.I think public awareness is the key.It should be taught as a subject in school because it is so important that we protect this place we call home.

Sandeep Menon said...

well i totally agree with u on this subject Srijith...it's high time that we did something for Mother Earth. Well i'd like to add to what 'starry nights' said ,that this awareness should ideally start from ones 'HOME'.

chitra said...


a bit tragic that our generation spent deforesting and building concrete jungles. The effect is born by the next generation. Most of the schools teach their children to save environment, by educating them against burning of crackers, gifting plants as prizes .

True, but all of us have to contribute individually rather than wait for a global action.

Sreejith Kumar said...

Good post yar! Plant trees and avoid plastic... Protect water and soil...

Sorry bozz... back after a long time..... Too busy...

Velu Nair said...

such a sad state of affairs indeed, sri! i hope things change for the better pretty soon. before its too late.

did u hear abt the 'ente maram' (my tree) project of the kerala state govt by the way??? this year 8th standard students across the state, would be given a sapling each, of which they wud be in charge, and a project report is to be prepared by the children in the course of the coming year. its expected to create a green revolution of sorts.

kalyan said...

Very thoughtful post. It is we ultimately who have to take care of our mother Earth and until we are responsible, its difficult to save our mother. A nice timely reminder for us.

Nanditha Prabhu said...

Nice to find that there are people like you who are aware of the devastation around us! I too feel the same... and at times feel really guilty that I am unable to do any thing about this!

Keshi said...

This is a great post Srijith! I hope ppl wud really understand the weight of the issue n take action to save our planet.


Srijith Unni said...

@Vishesh: Yes it`s only when we lose such beautiful places, that we realize the magnanimity of the issue..!

@Priya : Yes, that knowledge would truly go a long way.!

@Starry : It already is, starry.. But certain things should start from home, by putting things into practice.!

@Sandeep: Yes I too second that opinion, Sandeep..! and it is very much high time..!

@Chitra: Yes!, all of us have to do something individually. Take small steps to save earth.. that will surely go a long way..!

@Sreejith: Well Said Sree..! Yeah I know you`re busy man..! thanks for the visit..! :)

@Velu: That is really great..! It truly speaks volumes about the interest Kerala takes towards it`s environment.. I`m looking forward to see such steps in other places too.. Let`s do our bit and hope for the best..!
BTW, I heard tamilnadu government also has plans to go on a planting spree..!

@Kalyan: First of all, Welcome in here.. It is truly an important reminder for us all!

@Nanditha: There is a lot you can do, nanditha. Grow a plant, use less water, user paper bags or recycled plastic and so on..!

@Keshi: Yes Keshi, at the end of it all, there is hope.! Hope that things will get set right..! Let us do our small bits and keep hoping..!