Thursday, December 14, 2006

Discovered Alone.

Tall are the trees, they whistle and sway
Long lies the path, lonely and grey
Painful is the thirst, “Will I walk today ?”
Life keeps you strong, let us pray

The peak lies high, upon the brown cliff
Grown, I have just a foothill tall
Hungry and Tired, “Will my hands remain stiff ?”
Look at the peak, love it and forget all.

Lonely, I stand as the world moves afar
I was loved, in those days, happy and warm
Forgotten and untouched, “Will I blend again as par?”
Sleep to the tunes of time, as the world regains calm

Reached, I have far, yet struggles remain dark
Dreams uncared, elusive horizon is my fate
Hope springs alive yet, “Who are you?”, I ask.
I am your inner voice, your soul my dear mate


lalitha said...

LOve the new layout and color.It is so calm and soothing.Beautiful poem srijith loved it.

passerby55 said...

Till Now, for today,this is the best post i have read.

Indeed beautiful words woven so well.

Srijith, it would have been, even more better, had you recited this in your own voice here. Just a suggestion.


Lavanya said...

Beautiful! Love the message: hope is inspired from within
I love the rhyme scheme - ACBD is actually difficult to write!

Seema said...

Beautifuly written..true...eloquent flow of words, true to life !
Hope the inner voice..the ray of light that travels throughout this Yatra...a light that diminishes sometimes but is always there burning to keep one going !

Srijith Unni said...

@lalitha : thanks a lot..lalitha.. thanks for your appreciation.. I really needed that..! Was feeling a bit down.

@passerby55: I do not know to audio blog, passerby55. and even if there are means, they might be blocked in my company. Moreover. I would really like to know how these words are percieved by different people, because everyone reads it in their own way.

@Lavanya : Thanks a lot. yes hope is inspired from within.. I am just realizing that. and about the rhyme scheme.. well! it just happens.. sometimes my words never rhyme at all.. :)

@Seema : Thanks a lot.. Coming from an eminent poetess like you. I am truly humbled.! Thanks for those great wishes. The light shall always burn.

Keshi said...

WOW really great write-up! My soul asks me why r u always in tears..


Maya Cassis said...

Hugggz.I can totally identify with your beautiful poetry.
I can see your new template is matching your theme too :)


WOnderful words here man!! Inner voice sure makes us go places tht we really dont know exist or we think we cant reach! its tht powerful :)

Srijith Unni said...

@Keshi : Thanks a lot..! I dont` know why I feel down at times.. Usually I try not to write at such times, but this time it just came out

@Maya : Huggz to you too Maya.. So nice to hear that. I actually randomly scribbled these lines.. Never thought someone would identify with this.. :)

@Scribblez :Oh!, Scribblez, It`s truly been such a long time. and yes, the inner voice, that guides and take care.. Only that can help us reach our destination with flying colours.

priya said...

Those words were just beautiful Unni. Happy New Year to you too. I am visting late as my blogroll has stopped working well.